Hunter's Journal

The remains of a bug, animated by a strange force. Wields a nail and shell.
Softened by generations of luxury, these bugs lack claws or armour or venom. Those who wish to protect themselves are forced to fashion weapons from stone, ore, or shell.


Behaviour and Tactics

Patrols back and forth. Once disturbed, it defends with its shield, even if the player attempts to perform a downstrike. When it attacks, it will perform three consecutive strikes before defending with its shield again.

The fastest way to kill it is to attack on the front, it will block the attack and while it's attacking, jump and attack it from above.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Get away from me!
  • Your smell...Kill you...
  • ...Where is it...?
  • That sweet smell...Burns...
  • I can't....Wake up...
  • You want....To hurt me?
  • I'm not...Dead..
  • Am I...Sleeping?
  • ...Light...The light...
  • I'll kill you!


Husk warrior location

Location in Infected Crossroads



On the official website, it is referred to as "Endemons Sapien (Infected)":

"These vicious, mindless ghouls were once ordinary bugs like you and me. Something below the surface has burnt away their souls and filled them with an aimless rage."

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