Holy charm symbolising a union between higher beings. The bearer will slowly absorb the limitless SOUL contained within.

Opens the way to a birthplace.


How to Acquire

Charm KingSoul Left
Given by the White Lady in Queen's Gardens.
Charm KingSoul Right
Reward from completing the White Palace.

After getting both halves, the Kingsoul is automatically created and replaces the slot where the half of the Kingsoul previously resided.



When equipped, the wearer slowly regenerates SOUL at a rate of 2% meter per second.

Kingsoul is a fairly useful charm for exploration and platforming challenges, being superior to Hiveblood in that it can recharge Soul for healing while the player still has full health. However, the high notch cost prevents other useful Charm combinations from being equipped.

This charm is primarily only equipped to unlock the secret area at the bottom of the Abyss, after which it is permanently replaced by Void Heart.


  • It is unknown exactly who the "higher beings" referred to in the description are, however from the locations the player acquires the halves, it could be inferred that the higher beings are the White Lady and the Pale King.
  • Kingsoul is the only charm that takes up five notches. This means it is also the most costly charm.