A hermit Vendor Found in Fungal Wastes near the entrance to the Forgotten Crossroads.

Upon first meeting, he'll offer to show The Knight "something nice" for Geo‍86. If paid, he'll open his charm shop and sell Fragile Charms that break upon death. Broken charms can be repaired upon revisiting him.

If the player equips the Defender's Crest, he will sell and repair his charms at a 25% discount.

Leg hr


Icon Name & Description Cost Repair
Fragile Heart
Fragile Heart

This is a precious thing. A beautiful charm. I made it for you! If you hold it you'll feel a lot healthier. If you're afraid of dying, you need this charm!

Geo‍350 Geo‍200
Fragile Greed
Fragile Greed

Very, very, special and valuable charm! Do you want to find more Geo? Hold this charm and go hunting! Then bring any Geo you find back to me!

Geo‍250 Geo‍150
Fragile Strength
Fragile Strength

You're weak, aren't you? You should give me Geo. If you do, I'll give you this charm I made. It will make you stronger. Your enemies, and everyone else, will fear you at last...

Geo‍600 Geo‍350


First encounter

Don't try to sneak past me. I can smell you.

Hmm... Do you collect a lot of Geo?

Give me Geo, and you can see something... nice.
Refuse to pay:

You're a fool, aren't you?


Refuse to pay again:

Still?! You're a greedy, nasty little wretch. You need to share your Geo...


Talk again after refusing:

You've changed your mind, haven't you? Give me Geo, and you can see something... nice.



Let me show you then... take a look. Do you want them? If you really, really want them, I'll trade them... for more Geo. More Geo.

Not enough Geo A pauper... not enough Geo.

Leave now. Return with more Geo.

Greet Enough talking! Your jabbering... annoying. Step over here and show me your Geo.
No stock I've got nothing left to show you. Do you want something more?

You're so greedy...

When wearing Defender's Crest Eeeauuggh! That smell you carry with you...

Ah! Ah! Ahhhhh!

...Very tasty!

You're sweet... to share such a tasty smell with me. Do you want a gift in return?

Cheaper... Yes. My beautiful gifts... I'll give them to you. Cheaper.

Returning with broken charms Eeeauuggh! You broke it! I gave you that charm as a gift, and you broke it! Clumsy little fool... Nasty.

Apologise, ask me nicely, and I'll fix it for you. Give me Geo and I'll fix it for you.

Talking You don't like to be hurt, do you? Or... maybe you don't mind...?

Are you nice? If you're nice you'll give me Geo.

Maybe you aren't so nice...? Don't try to trick me... I'm not stupid.


Beautiful, aren't they? These gifts I have... they're shiny and dangerous and lovely.

I made them. Don't be jealous... Give me Geo and you can have one.


Hmm. The air has changed, I can smell something new. Dangerous things are drifting through here now... are you scared?

If you stay here... I won't protect you.


Are you curious? You're wondering... how I make my special gifts.

Eeeauuggh! Don't try to steal my secrets! I'll steal them right back.

If you're cruel to me... you'll be sorry.

Dream Nail I'll make more... and they'll give me more Geo. If someone comes by, they have to give me their Geo.

If you have enough Geo, you become a king. When I get enough Geo, I'll become a king...



  • Before patch, Leg Eater's dream dialogue read: "#!#LEGEATER_DREAM#!#".

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