Lifeblood Coccoon

A Lifeblood Cocoon is a large sac of Lifeblood found in various places throughout Hallownest. When struck, it spawns 2-4 Lifeseeds.

Lifeblood Cocoons will respawn if the player gets hurt and loses all remaining lifeblood on hand or if the player rests at a Bench.

The Location of hidden cocoons may be hinted by blue butterfly plants growing near the path leading up to them.

The player may purchase a Cocoon Pin from Iselda for Geo100, which reveals the locations of every Lifeblood Cocoon in the area after that area's Map has been purchased and the player has discovered them.


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Completing the Pantheons in Godhome with bindings will add Lifeblood Cocoons at the bench rooms in the pantheons:

  • Completing 8 bindings - 2 Lifeseed per Cocoon.
  • Completing 4 more bindings - 3 Lifeseed per Cocoon.
  • Completing 4 more bindings - 4 Lifeseed per Cocoon.