Small scuttling seed filled with Lifeblood, which can be extracted and consumed for its healthful properties.

The bright liquid inside of these little fellows is delicious, and drinking it will make you feel stronger. I wonder how my own innards taste... would it be a heinous thing to try and drink some?


Behaviour and Tactics

Lifeseeds are birthed from destroyed Lifeblood Cocoons and run away from the Knight. When killed, they grant 1 Lifeblood mask.

Unlike Charms that grant Lifeblood masks (Lifeblood Heart, Lifeblood Core, and Joni's Blessing), Lifeblood masks granted by Lifeseeds are temporary and will disappear if the player rests at a Bench.


Missing information.


  • With the Charm Joni's Blessing equipped, Lifeseeds will flock towards The Knight instead of running away.
  • Cannot be read by Dream Nail, but will give SOUL when hit with Dream Nail.