A single-celled organism, completely infected. Scurries about simple-mindedly.

Strange air has been seeping down from above for years. Some of that air became liquid, and some of that liquid became flesh, and some of that flesh came to life. I don't know what to make of it.


Behaviour and Tactics

Completely harmless, not even dealing contact damage. Hitting them provides no SOUL.

Multitudes of them spawn before the battle with the Broken Vessel, attempting to fill it with Infection. Killing these is the easiest way to complete the Hunter's Journal entry.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...LIGHT...
  • ...BRIGHT...
  • ...GLOW...


In addition to being found close to the Broken Vessel room, Lightseeds are found in the Infected Crossroads. They come out of small cracks in the wall and will quickly run from the Knight.