Found chained up, hanging upside down in the Colosseum of Fools. He informs The Knight of the rules of the Colosseum, and also takes payment to unlock each of the three Trials.




First encounter

Aha! Another warrior finds their way to our fair Colosseum. Ours is the final destination for all seeking trials of intense and deadly combat.

All one has to do is place their mark upon their Trial Board of choice and lo! The arena's gate will open.

There's a small fee attached to each trial, but I'm sure as skilled a combatant as yourself will have accrued a wealth of Geo.

Now, before you draw your nail and rush eagerly to battle, I'll offer one quick word of advice.

There's a warriors' pit just below here, where others like yourself await their own trials. I'd strongly advise using it to rest up before placing your mark.

Oh and have no doubt, I'm a fearsome warrior myself. Don't go judging me by my size, or my current... errr... constraint. The Colosseum beckons us both! I'll be back in battle soon.

Generic greeting

Welcome back, warrior!

Paying in to the trial

Offering: Make a contribution, and you can enter the Trial of the Warrior/Conqueror/Fool.

Refusing: You won't make a contribution? No one ever won glory by clinging to their Geo...

Paid: Very well then, a new trial is open to you. I hope your performance is spectacular... To enter a trial, step over to the board and place your mark. From that point on, your destiny is your own...

Not enough Geo: Ah, you lack the Geo to make a contribution. We can't make an exception, I'm afraid. Return once you are worthier... and wealthier.

Interacting with a board before paying

Stop there! That trial is closed to those who haven't made the proper contribution. Step over here, quickly, and bring your Geo with you!

Interacting with a board that hasn't been unlocked

Not so fast! That trial is closed to those without the proper experience. Try one of the other trials first.

Interacting with a board

Will you place your mark and attempt a trial?

After placing mark

You've placed your mark, and the great gate has opened. Go on! Step into the Colosseum and cut your way to victory.

Leaving after placing mark

You placed your mark and left! What cowardice! Maybe you don't have what it takes? A true warrior strides unstopping into battle. They gain strength by vanquishing others, not in flight from them.

After dying in the trial

What is this? I could've sworn you'd already entered the fray? And were killed in spectacular fashion, but now... I can't be sure. Must've imagined it. I do tend to visualise new combatant's meeting their end. It's good training for the mind, especially whilst your movement's somewhat limited.

After becoming champion

A true fool keeps on fighting, even when there is no more glory to be gained. Step over to a board and make your mark! Show us how foolish you truly are!

Dream Nailed

Lord Fool, give me another chance. I'll prove my strength to you!



  • Little Fool is one of the few characters to comment on the Knight's death.
  • When Dream Nailed, he will make a remark about proving himself strong this time, implying that he was a gladiator in the Colosseum and was defeated and put in chains.