Weakest member of the kingdom of Hallownest. Generally looked down upon and forced to do menial labour.

Consisting of mainly sweet fat, these helpless creatures make excellent provisions for long journeys. Best roasted over an open flame. If they try to bargain for their life, just ignore them. They have nothing to offer.

Behaviour and Tactics

Two of them are encountered in Forgotten Crossroads above the False Knight's boss arena, after acquiring the Mantis Claw.

Flees from The Knight while blubbering, posing no threat. Runs until it hits a wall then ricochets and continues at the wall. They do not respawn.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...oh no oh no oh no oh nonono...
  • Wake up, brother! Help me!
  • Aaaaaaaauugghhhhh!


Found in Forgotten Crossroads above the False Knight's arena. They appear after False Knight has been defeated, but the room must be re-entered for them to spawn. Requires Mantis Claw to reach.


  • The False Knight is actually a maggot that stole Hegemol's armour in order to protect its siblings.
  • In the game files, they are referred to as "prayer slug".
  • Due to their slow speed and tendency to waddle from side to side, they are very good for gathering SOUL with the Dream Nail. This is especially useful for preparing for the Failed Champion bossfight.