Member of a proud tribe, fiercely protective of its territory. Launches savage attacks with bladed forelimbs.

If you venture too deep into the Fungal Forests, these warriors will stand in your way. What is it they guard, deep at the bottom of their territory?

Behaviour and Tactics

It stands still until disturbed. Once engaged, they attack with very quick, long-range slashes, often accompanied by a short dash. Its attacks are quite difficult to dodge, so sometimes it is easier to tank a few hits, slashing at it as fast as possible and healing once it's dead.

If possible, try to jump and attack it from the air, downstriking at it. Though it does have an upward slash attack, it is short ranged and will usually miss, typically allowing the player to safely attack from above until it dies.

Once the Mantis Lords are defeated, all Mantises become non-hostile towards The Knight, however they will still retaliate if attacked, even if accidentally damaged by an area-of-effect attack.

Dream Nail Dialogue


  • ...We honour the Lords...Intruders shall end...
  • ...No more will fall...No more outcast...
  • ...Resist the plague of bug and beast...


  • ...Great warrior. The Lords accept it...
  • ...Honour from an outsider...How rare...
  • ...To best our Lords, what strength...


Mantis Village


  • After the Mantis Lords are defeated, Mantis Warriors will bow to the player as they pass by.
"The Mantian tribe were always the outsiders of Hallownest society. After the cataclysm, these inscrutable hunters retreated into the fungal forests to escape the plague."