Freely given by the Mantis Tribe to those they respect.

Greatly increases the range of the bearer's nail, allowing them to strike foes from further away.

How to Acquire

In the Mantis Village, in a chest in a room to the northeast of the Mantis Lords arena. This room can only be accessed after defeating the Mantis Lords.

Mark of Pride Location


Increases the range of the Nail, allowing the player to keep their distance from more dangerous enemies and perform safer Nail-bounces.

While it grants a longer range than Longnail, it is more challenging to acquire and has higher notch cost.

It does not affect the range of Nail Arts or Grubberfly's Elegy.

 Charm Interactions



Stacks with Longnail with diminishing returns (40% increase to base nail range).
Quick Slash

Quick Slash

Useful to keep enemies consistently within melee range while attacking.

Mark of Pride and Longnail Range Comparison

Nail Range Comparison

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