Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Only member of his forgotten tribe to take up a weapon.

May your efforts lead you somewhere worthy.




Behaviour and Tactics

Markoth has three abilities:

  • Teleport: Occasionally warps from one part of the arena to another.
  • Nail Summon: Creates a nail that aims in The Knight's direction for a moment before flying forward
  • Shield Cyclone: Spins his shield in an increasingly wider radius before retracting it.

Markoth's shield constantly orbits around him, blocking attacks and dealing contact damage.

Healing during his Nail Summon is quite difficult, as the Nails pass through the environment. Keep moving, and get attacks in whenever the opportunity arises. The nails stop homing in as soon as they begin to move, and combined with their somewhat slow travel speed, this makes them relatively easy to dodge.

Wall-sliding with the Mantis Claw and attacking with Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul is a good tactic as Markoth moves relatively slowly and has a large hitbox.

His Shield Cyclone attack is the best time to heal, as the shield has limited range. Alternatively, dash into the circle when it widens and Markoth will be completely open to attacks until the shield retracts.

Once he takes enough damage, the Nail Summon attack becomes more frequent and he gains a second shield opposite the first one, which stays close to him during Shield Cyclone.




First encounter

You have come a long way, just to die here at the edge of the world.

No, do not speak. I have heard thousands and thousands of empty words from those like you. Your pride, your desires, your desperation... you will take these things with you once I strike you down.

Raise your weapon then, and die like those who came before you.

Upon defeat

Never... have I been defeated in combat.

I can... see myself there, still sleeping. How long have I been hidden here?

Here at the edge of the world, no-one could find me... except you.

Warriors, knights, kings, even time itself... they have no power over me. Only you.

You are the darkness... come to consume me.

Upon inspecting remains

The body of a warrior, with a shield and nails.


In order to reach the location, you need Shade Cloak upgrade to bypass the Shade Gate standing before his room.


  • Markoth claims to never have been defeated in combat, so presumably what killed him was old age or disease. However, it's possible that his remnant simply doesn't remember his defeat and/or death.
  • Thistlewind, a deceased moth in the Glade of Hope mentions an another adventurous moth in the edge of the kingdom. It's possible that this is Markoth, as he is found in Kingdom's Edge and appears to be of the same species.
  • The shield that Markoth uses is strikingly similar to the shield the player gains from the Dreamshield charm, providing more possible connections between him and the moth tribe.