Hunter's Journal

Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Protector of the Queen's Gardens.
If you believe in something as hard as you can, with your eyes shut tight... eventually it will come true!




Behaviour and Tactics

Marmu has only one attack, curling into a ball and hurling themselves at at The Knight from various angles. Hitting Marmu will knock them back a bit. Staying underneath and attacking upward to juggle them is a dependable method of attack, especially with Quick Slash equipped.

Since Marmu usually stays relatively close to the player, an area of effect build can be quite useful. Equipping Thorns of Agony, Spore Shroom, Grubsong, Quick Focus, and Stalwart Shell helps greatly.

It's recommended to stick to a corner while fighting Marmu. This will limit the angles from which they can attack, allowing for easier defending. Being backed into a corner is not an issue, since any successful attack on Marmu knocks them backwards.



First encounter
Oh! The Queen! The Queen is coming! I've been waiting so long, and now she's almost here! I feel like I'm about to burst!
I've kept it safe, this sacred garden! I've kept it safe for all this time, and soon the Queen will return and teach me to fly!
Shall we wait together, stranger? Shall we play together?


Upon defeat
Oh, stranger... you're strong. Much stronger than me...
I've been waiting a long time, stranger. I've been fighting a long time, stranger.
I'm very, very tired! The Queen will be here soon, and I just need to sleep a little.
Wake me when the Queen arrives, stranger. Perhaps the Queen will teach us both to fly, stranger!
That... would be fun... wouldn't it...?


Upon inspecting remains
Protector of root and leaf, we honour you.




  • Marmu appears to be a Puss Moth Caterpillar; as seen here
  • He is most likely the protector of the Queen's Gardens, and died in battle when the Traitor Lord and his followers invaded.