A shard of an ancient mask, worn to protect oneself from harm.

Collect more to strengthen your shell and protect yourself from damage.


Mask Shards are part of Ancient Masks. 4 Mask Shards are needed to complete an Ancient Mask, which increases the player's health by one.

With a total of 16 Mask Shards in the game, the player can increase their health by 4, for a maximum of 9 health, not counting bonuses from Charms.



There is a total of 16 Masks Shards to be found in the game:

Source Conditions / Requirements
1. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo150
2. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo500
3. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo800 Requires Shopkeeper's Key
4. Bought from Sly in Dirtmouth for Geo1500 Requires Shopkeeper's Key
5. Found in Bretta's house in Dirtmouth Requires rescuing Bretta from Fungal Wastes
6. Found in Deepnest near Mantis Lords Requires Monarch Wings
7. In Queen's Station, near right side Requires Mothwing Cloak
8. Given by Grey Mourner in Resting Grounds Requires completing the Delicate Flower quest
9. Found behind a wall in The Hive Requires baiting a Hive Guardian into breaking a wall
10. Dropped by Brooding Mawlek optional boss
11. Given by Grubfather Requires rescuing 5 Grubs
12. Reward from Crystal Guardian (second encounter) Requires Monarch Wings
13. Found in Royal Waterways Requires Isma's Tear
14. Given by the Seer Requires collecting 1300 Essence
15. Found in Greenpath, Stone Sanctuary Requires Lumafly Lantern
16. Forgotten Crossroads under False Knight where the Goams are

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