Hunter's Journal

Family of creatures that have learnt to bulk up with moss and live as one.
There is strength in numbers, yes, but these creatures never had much strength to begin with. Cut through their trickery!

Behaviour and Tactics

The Massive Moss Charger has two attacks:

  • Charge: Charges forward, much like a regular Moss Charger
  • Belly-flop: Hops in the air toward The Knight and slamming into the ground

Unlike regular Moss Chargers, hitting it will not expose the vulnerable bug within the moss.

Despite the simplicity of its attacks, the Massive Moss Charger can be surprisingly hard to defeat, as avoiding its attacks requires fast reactions. In addition, it has a rather large health pool. It's recommended to engage it with a full SOUL meter.

Standing near the edge of the room will often result in the Massive Moss Charger getting stuck on the edge for a fraction of a second during its Belly-flop attack. This can be used to buy time to dash out of the way.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Light...Danger...
  • ...Safe...Dark...
  • ...Hungry...Hungry...
  • ...Scared...
  • ...Eat...When...
  • ...Kill...Hurt...
  • ...Away. Away...
  • ...Pain...


  • The massive moss charger is actually three regular moss chargers all living together.


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