Hunter's Journal

Large, immobile creature. Wildly spits venom when intruders pass by.
How did this foolish creature lose its legs?! I suppose it's possible to lose anything, if you really try.


Behaviour and Tactics

It remains stationary, taking no knockback. Spits large amounts of orange goo in a wide spray that will fall to the ground and remain for a few seconds.

For Mawlurks on the ground, stay close to their bodies, as this is the least frequent place the goo will land, and simply attack it until it dies, occasionally dodging goo.

For Mawlurks on the ceiling, the Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek spell is the most effective method to attack, as it is out of standard Nail reach and using Monarch Wings is risky due to the proximity of the goo.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...Light...Danger...
  • ...Safe...Dark...
  • ...Hungry...Hungry...
  • ...Scared...
  • ...Eat...When...
  • ...Kill...Hurt...
  • ...Away. Away...
  • ...Pain...


There are 6 Mawlurks in the Ancient Basin.

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