Member of an elusive guild of bugs fixated on the maintenance of Hallownest's many signs and wayposts.

The bugs of Hallownest were obsessed with building things. What strange little minds they had.


Behaviour and Tactics

Menderbug has an extremely low chance to spawn at the entrance of Forgotten Crossroads right below Dirtmouth. To spawn, the following conditions must be met:

  • The sign at the entrance must be destroyed
  • The player must leave and re-enter the room
Hollow Knight - Menderbug

Hollow Knight - Menderbug

Video of spawning and killing the Menderbug

Upon seeing The Knight, the Menderbug will flee and quickly leave the room.

One of the easiest ways to catch it is in late game after acquiring either Kingsoul and/or Salubra's Blessing to refill SOUL easily. Enter Forgotten Crossroads from Dirtmouth by using Desolate Dive. This will destroy the sign upon landing and, if it has spawned, will also kill the Menderbug. It can also be spawned by leaving the room to the left or right within Forgotten Crossroads but that takes significantly more time and it's easier to miss the chance to kill it before it flees.

Menderbug's Journal

Isn't life just the most beautiful thing. Fixing signs, mending posts, let them break I say! I'm a better mender for all that repairing.

I sometimes doubt there's a single bug in Hallownest happier than me.

Hello Again Diary,

Not long now till the next Menderbash! For a stealthy types, we're a riotous bunch when we get together.

And Mender Berri kept flashing me that smile! Might be time to muster my courage and act on it.

I love my home and my life, but sharing it with another, why that'd be the Berri on top!

My Lovely Diary,

Someone's gone and broke my favourite sign! Right there at the top of the crossroads. Keeps happening too!

But you know, I just can't get mad about it. I should be thanking them really! More chances to fix that beautiful, complex sign.

And I've stocked up on spare parts, so I've no fear it'll ever stay broken for long.




  • Menderbug is actually not needed to 100% the game nor to 100% the Hunter's Journal.
  • Cannot be read by Dream Nail.