A spider-like creature found in the southern part of Deepnest. After speaking to her, she will attempt to eat The Knight by opening her mask, revealing a mouth filled with teeth.

Midwife cannot be damaged, hitting her will cause her to hide until re-entering the area.




First encounter
Oh. Please. Please. Don't be shy. There are some nasties about here alright. Not me. I'm friend to all and happy to serve a traveller so bold as you. Is it information you seek? That I can provide. Yes. Oh yes. Heehee.

That village above here, home to a sad creature. Hers is a tale of tragic exchange. Cost her and her people greatly, though I suspect she bore no regret in making it. Heehee, yes. I know. I know. You're intrigued. You want to know the tale. Well I'm sorry. I'd love to tell it, but I'm just, I'm very, very sorry, and I haven't eat in some time...

And oh, I'm STAA-AARVING...

Second encounter
Ahh! It returns. I do apologise about before. Heehee. No matter. No matter. My appetite oft gets the better of me. For now at least, I'm content.

Would you hear about myself? There's not much to say. I'm a servant to the nest, though few in recent times would seek my service. Our brood is lost to that pestilence of the mind. A sad fall for the most intelligent species.

Ah, but hmmm. I've eaten yes, and full. Then again, another little morsel would make me oh so happy. The perfect end to a meal...

Third encounter
My dear. Aren't you so kind, checking again on my well-being. I'm ever the caring host. I can't understand why more don't visit in your manner.

Now you won't mind while I take just a little bite... Just a leg perhaps? A full belly is the best path to happiness...

With King's Brand (after first encounter)
My good friend. You wear that bright mark of relationship. Then you've met her perhaps? Her who'd guard the mark, the Gendered Child. A spritely thing, isn't she?

Pale gift to the Nest and the Beast, fair trade for sacrifice made. Long she's been distant. It'd do our spirits well were she to grace us a visit home...

...He hee. Oh. Hmm. I am sorry. Old memories cause my mind to wander on such silly diversions, especially when I'm oh so famished...

After acquiring Weaversong
Ohhhh.. Heehee. Been prying about the weavers' home, have you my dear? Quite brazen to pilfer that special charm.Amazing things the weavers once crafted on their looms; stories, shields, spells. So much of our history was spun upon their spools. Your little friends there are testament to their talents... heehee.

Oh! I do apologise. I've just felt a rumbling down below, in my belly. Just wait right there a moment. Don't you move now...


Dream Nailed
Gah!! Get out! Get out! Get out!


Dream Nailed after acquiring Weaversong
Just because you're suddenly rich with threaded friends, don't think you're welcome in my mind! Out! Out! Out!



Midwife is found behind a breakable wall at the end of the corridor accessible from the bottom right exit of the Distant Village.



  • Midwife is one of the few NPCs who resist even the Awakened Dream Nail.
  • Midwife is the only NPC who can hurt the player, but is never fought as an actual enemy.