Hunter's Journal

Timid creature that frightens away intruders by covering itself in huge clumps of moss.
It's small, but it finds a lot of courage and strength once it covers itself in foliage. And I can understand the desire to camouflage oneself...

Behaviour and Tactics

The Moss Charger hides until the player enters its territory, when it emerges from the ground and charges at the player. Upon being hit, the leaves fall away, revealing a small bug inside that will flee to one end of the platform to burrow away, waiting a few moments before re-emerging, again covered in leaves, attempting another charge.

The first hit will only knock the leaves off it's body, so it is advised to use a Nail hit and not waste SOUL on the first attack. Afterwards, it flees quickly away from the player, so it's best to follow up with a Spell such as Vengeful Spirit or by using the Dash Slash.


Moss Charger location

Location in Greenpath

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