Protector of the Greenpath, trained in the ways of the Nail and the Shell.

They hide as bush like mounds and look soft, but beware these warriors! They are relentless in combat, fiercely guarding something hidden deep in Greenpath.


Behaviour and Tactics

  • Block: blocks with its shield when engaged, preventing damage from all sides.
  • Sword attack: strikes once or twice to the front, lunging forward with each swipe.
  • Ranged attack: spits a tumbleweed of thorns at the player that travels in a parabolic arc. This projectile cannot be destroyed.
  • Disengage: occasionally jumps backwards, disengaging from melee battle, usually followed by its ranged attack. Often it will chain this into a melee attack, baiting its opponent into pursing them.

There are several easy ways to dispose of it. 3 Vengeful Spirit attacks and 1 unupgraded Nail hit is the easiest way to kill it in the early game.

Baiting its melee by standing in front of it and jumping over it to land a few hits from above is a safe strategy as well. Another strategy is to use the Mothwing Cloak, bait its ranged attack, then dash in to get a hit in before it can raise its shield again.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...New light, in our leaves...
  • ...Kill, for light...For Unn...
  • ...Protect...Destroy...
  • ...She is calling... Home so close... (at Lake of Unn)



  • A non-respawning Moss Knight is found across the surface of the Lake of Unn with unique Dream Nail dialogue.