Lazy, portly Mosskin. Easily swayed by others.

Slow, fat and easily vanquished; common threads in those who forget their calling and forsake their duties.


Behaviour and Tactics

Four are found in the room with the Moss Prophet, accessibly from Fungal Wastes by using the Mantis Claw, sitting in the room listening to the Moss Prophet's singing. They'll begin to hop at The Knight if disturbed. They are very easy to kill and respawn upon reentering the room.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...So bright...our new path...
  • ...Speak, light...
  • Protect the speaker..
  • ...Light... (when infected)
  • ...Bright... (when infected)



  • After defeating the Broken Vessel, they'll be overcome by the infection and only their corpses will be left behind. Inspecting one of the corpses will immediately grant the Hunter's Journal entry if the player missed killing them before.
  • Hitting them with the Dream Nail while they are listening to the Prophet's song will teleport them a bit further away from the player.