A happy little miner identical to Husk Miners, save for her empty eyes, mining for treasure near the entrance to Crystal Peak.

When first met, she's mining and gleefully singing, hoping that The Knight will come visit her again later.

Once the player has acquired Vengeful Spirit, her dialogue changes, then later once the Soul Master is defeated, she will have lost her cheerful tone and seem rather lethargic or confused.

After obtaining the Crystal Heart, Myla turns into another infected Husk Miner. If The Knight kills her after this, she will let out a cry after being killed.




First encounter
Ohhh, bury the knight with her velvet gloves,
Bury the thief with the one she loved!
Bury the priest in her tattered gown,
Then bury the beggar and his golden crooooooown!
Ohhh, bury my mother, pale and slight,
Bury my father with his eyes shut tight!
Bury my sisters, two by two,
And when you're done, let's bury me too!

Ha ha ha, do you know that one? It's one of my f-favourites! We can sing something else if you like. You start singing and I'll join in. I bet you have a b-b-beautiful singing voice! Ha ha ha!
So, what are you down here for? If you came to g-get wealthy, just look around you! These mines are still bursting with riches! There's p-p-plenty for everyone, just grab a pick and join in! Ha ha!


Ohhh, bury the knight with her broken nail,
Bury the... p-priest... something about a crown...?
I c-can't remember the rest of that one, ha ha ha! Maybe I'll just hum it.


Talking again
Oh, hello again! Are you still running about? Why not join me d-down here? There's plenty of wealth in these rocks for anyone willing to put a bit of work in!
Those crystals out there are worth a fair b-b-bit, but I have a feeling that there's something even more valuable hidden just a bit deeper in! I can almost smell it! Ha ha ha!
You're welcome to join me, there's enough for both of us! Or if you don't feel like d-d-d-digging, you can just sit and sing with me! Ha ha ha!

Ohh, bury the knight with her broken nail,
Bury the lady, lovely and pale!
Bury the priest in his tattered gown,
Then bury the beggar with his shining croooown!

Ha ha ha! Are you suh... surprised? I remembered the second verse! Lots of time to think while I work down here. Maybe I can even c-come up with some songs of my own!
This is hard work, but I don't mind. Down here, I can k-keep working without even sleeping. It's fun!
And every once in awhile you c-c-come to visit me! I'm glad... ha ha... I'm glad you like the sound of my voice!


Dream Nailed
I'm so close... Keep singing, crystals! Keep singing so I can find you!
Keep whispering, crystals! I can almost hear what you're saying!


After defeating Soul Master
...Bury my body... c-cover my shell,
What meaning in darkness? Yet here I remain...
I'll wait here forever...till light blooms again...
...Bury... body... cover... shell,
Darkness. No meaning... DANGEROUS... Still, remain...
LIGHT.... again...


Dream Nailed after infected
... how much longer... KILL IT... how much longer... DANGEROUS... how much longer... KILL IT... how much longer... KILL THE EMPTY ONE... much longer... must I dig...?


Dream Nail after hostile
...Bury my mother...Pale and slight...
Bury...My sisters...Two by two...
...Bury...Bury the priest in his...



  • She starts showing signs of being infected after defeating Soul Master.
  • When hitting her with the Dream Nail after defeating Soul Master, there seems to be another voice commanding her to kill The Knight. Due to these words being in all capitals, these may be caused by The Radiance.