Nailmaster Oro is one of three Nailmasters that teach Nail Arts.

Oro's signature Nail Art is the Dash Slash that he is willing to teach to The Knight for Geo‍800. The ability allows the Knight to dash forward while slashing.



Nailmaster Oro is found in Kingdom's Edge




First encounter
Hmph. How did you find me, down here where the world ends?

Yes, I know why you're here. You came to learn a Nail Art from the legendary Nailmaster Oro.

It is the law of the Great Nailsage that I must pass down my teachings to those who are worthy.

But no law forbids me from exacting a payment for my time. If you truly wish to train under me, prove it with Geo!


Subsequent offers of training
So what will it be, traveller? Will you pay the price asked of you, or will you leave this place unenlightened?


Refusal of training
"Those who do not share their strength will never learn." My master used to say that.

Substitute "Geo" for "strength" and you'll have my own views on the matter. Begone!


Talk again after training
I have taught you all I can. Go back into the world, traveller. Leave me to my solitude.


Revisit after training
You've returned, though you were not invited.

As my pupil, it is lawful that I allow you rest and shelter, but do not stay longer than you need to.


Talk again during revisit after training

Rest here if you must, but do not stay longer than you need to.

After learning Dash Slash
Hmph. I must say, you are an excellent pupil.

Your skill with the nail, and your thirst to become stronger... you remind me of my brothers.

I have taught you all I can. Go back into the world, traveller, and leave me to my solitude.


After acquiring Cyclone Slash
That Nail Art... you have been training with my brother Mato.

He has strange notions of loyalty and honour. I'm sure he was difficult and unpleasant to train under.

Did he mention my name to you? If he does, tell him to be patient. He'll be waiting a while longer before I give him what he wants.


After acquiring Great Slash
I see you've been taught a Nail Art by my brother Sheo. How fortunate of you.

Yes, he was the mightiest of the Great Nailsage's pupils, far outshining Mato and myself. My brother and my master loved him very much.

He was always aloof, but... not unkind. When we last spoke, he said he was going to teach himself something completely new. I wonder if he achieved that goal.


Interacting with a board that hasn't been unlocked
Not so fast! That trial is closed to those without the proper experience. Try one of the other trials first.


After acquiring Nailmaster's Glory
What is this? I could've sworn you'd already entered the fray? And were killed in spectacular fashion, but now... I can't be sure. Must've imagined it. I do tend to visualise new combatant's meeting their end. It's good training for the mind, especially whilst your movement's somewhat limited.


After becoming champion
That charm you bear... It seems the Great Nailsage has deemed you skilled enough in the Nail Arts to earn his highest esteem.

I do not begrudge you his love. You have earned it.

And perhaps by helping you along your path, I have redeemed myself... if only a little.


Dream Nailed
Brother Mato, in your lonely home at the top of the world... do you still think of me as an enemy?

In the future, if you will listen... I will tell you why I chose to tread this path.



  • According to the Nailmasters' dialogue, there seems to be bad blood between Mato and Oro. Their dialogue implies that Oro owes Mato something that he will never forget.

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