Nailmaster Sheo is one of three Nailmasters that teach Nail Arts.

Sheo's signature Nail Art is the Great Slash that allows its master to concentrate energy into their Nail for a large, powerful strike.



Nailmaster Sheo is found in Greenpath, at the end of a spike-filled tunnel. Reaching him requires the Crystal Heart.




First encounter
A visitor! Why have you crept in here, little grub? Perhaps, like me, you have a taste for discovering new things?

I am Sheo, and in a previous life I was a Nailmaster. Yes, the only thing that drove me was becoming stronger and honing my skills with a nail.

I imagined it was my one calling in life, but that feeling faded over time. Now I seek a new calling, something that speaks to my soul and compels me forward.

That's why I spend my time here, secluded, trying to master the art of creation. Painting, sculpting... these things bring a different kind of pleasure.

Mmm. You don't seem very moved by what I've said. Was it Sheo the Nailmaster you were looking for? Did you come to learn a Nail Art? I'll teach you if you insist...


Subsequent offers of training
Something about your bearing... I feel as though you haven't yet abandoned the way of the nail. I can teach you something, if you like...


Refusal of training
Oh? Have you, too, grown weary of the weight of a nail? I understand. Stay, if you like, and we can make art together.


Talk again after training
I have spare brushes and plenty of paint. Once you tire of the nail, feel free to join me in my art.


Revisit after training
So, your travels have brought you back. What have you learnt? How have you grown?

Myself? I am still trying to capture something with my brush... although I'm not quite sure what that thing is.

Talk again during revisit after training
I have spare brushes and plenty of paint. Once you tire of the nail, feel free to join me in my art.


After learning Great Slash
So! My work, does it move you? The wielding of a nail, the wielding of a brush... these things are not so different.

We cut into the world so that we can peer deeper inside.

For now though, I have nothing more to teach you. Your path forwards... only you can see it. Good luck.


After acquiring Cyclone Slash
That Nail Art you've learnt, the Cyclone Slash. That was always Mato's favourite.

It must have made him ecstatic to have a pupil like you. He always wanted to pass down what he'd learnt to a new generation.

He was not the most skilled pupil himself, but his enthusiasm and his kindness set him apart. I'm glad he achieved what he desired for so long. To be a teacher...


After acquiring Dash Slash
So you met my brother Oro and convinced him to teach you his Nail Art. Hmm.

It's been a long time since I've seen him. I wonder how much he's changed. He always seemed to be haunted by something, though I never learned what.

No matter the distance between us though, we are still brothers. I hope that passing down his learnings to you brought him some happiness.


After acquiring Nailmaster's Glory
That charm! Only the Great Nailsage could have given that to you... Seeing how strong you've become... it almost makes me want to take up my nail once more.

But no, I should stay on my current path and keep working at my art. If the Great Nailsage ever comes by, I want to show him how far I've come.


After sparing the Nailsmith
Oh, look who's joined us! We have quite a merry crowd now, don't we?

This fellow came wandering in to my hut, quite distraught and on his own quest for a new calling in life.

We talked, and found a common love of creating and building and honing a craft. So now we make art together!

It's good to have company, I hadn't realised how lonely I was. It's like being with my brothers again! Stay with us, if you like!


Talk again after the Nailsmith moved in
Building these models takes patience and a light touch. It's worth it though, seeing the grand old Knights of Hallownest come to life before our eyes.

Mighty Hegemol was always my favorite. What a towering figure he was, though surprisingly soft spoken for one so large.

They were all impressive in their own right, of course. Fierce Dryya, kindly Isma, mysterious Ze'mer ... erm, and the other one.


Dream Nailed
My brother, Oro... what drove you to hide away deep down at the very edge of that ash swept grave?

Was it pride, or fear, or shame? Perhaps you should lay down your nail if it haunts you so, and find a new calling that eases your soul.



  • After obtaining the Pure Nail, if the player refuses to slay the Nailsmith, he can be found with Nailmaster Sheo. Talking to him there yields the Happy Couple achievement.
  • After obtaining the Happy Couple achievement, Sheo will proceed to talk about the Great Knights, his personal favorite is Hegemol. He also mentions each of the knights' names, except for Ogrim, whom he either forgot or doesn't like.
    • After a while Sheo and the Nailsmith will move on to pottery and sculpting together little sculptures of the Great Knights:
  • According to a comment from Nailmaster Oro, Sheo was the strongest of the three warrior brothers, but decided to leave the trade and find a new path in life.