Hunter's Journal

Lingering dream of a fallen warrior. Disappeared during the plague.
They're coming...

What's inside of you...

Strip it out!

-No Eyes



Behaviour and Tactics

No Eyes spawns floating spirits while teleporting around the area. These spirits move up and down slightly in waving patterns as they fly, dealing contact damage. As No Eyes takes more damage, she spawns more spirits.

This battle isn't too difficult due to the slow speed and predictable pattern of the attacks, but can be drawn out because No Eyes teleports around frequently, and the floating spirits everywhere can make it difficult to pursue her.

SOUL generation charms are suggested, since opportunities to hit No Eyes can be scarce, and therefore, gathering the SOUL to Focus or use Spells can be a difficult task. Pay attention to the positions of the platforms and the spirits while pursuing her, and the fight will most likely be over quickly.




First encounter
My child... can you still see? Please, don't hurt me!
Can't sleep... with your eyes open, little one. Can't dream... if you're still breathing, little one.
Precious children... you speak such loathsome things as you sleep... your claws scratch and scrape...
recious children, a monster has come for us in the dark...Will you sing for me?


Upon defeat
One by one... their eyes closed at last. I felt it... a warm stillness falling over us.
I'm sorry I was frightened of you. You were always protecting us, even when we couldn't see you.
Take us there, please. A place where light can not haunt us, a place without dreams...Please...


Upon inspecting remains
A face carved from stone.



No Eyes is found inside of the Stone Sanctuary, in Greenpath.



  • Unlike the other Dream Warriors, the battle against her does not use the regular Dream Battle theme. Instead, No Eyes will sing a haunting lullaby throughout the entire battle.