Hunter's Journal

Mimics the shape of other creatures to lure prey to it's lair.
In the deepest darkness, there are beasts who wear faces stolen from your memories and pluck at the strings in your heart. Know yourself, and stay strong.


Behaviour and Tactics

The Nosk is a secret boss found in Deepnest that guards a Pale Ore in the room beside it.


Nosk has four attacks:

  • Charge: Charges from one end of the room to the other.
  • Jump: Jumps around the arena sporadically.
  • Acid Fountain: Runs up to The Knight and launches four balls of orange goo in an arc above its head.
  • Acid Rain: Jumps up to the ceiling and launches several balls of orange goo at the Knight.

Nosk moves quite fast, leaving little time to heal; however, there is a safe spot beside the elevated platform at the center of the arena. Standing just beside it will significantly reduce the risk of Nosk hitting the player while charging, providing plenty of time to heal.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...


A breakable wall in the room directly left of the Deepnest Hot Spring will reveal a secret section that contains a Grub. Breaking another wall behind the Grub leads to the tunnels that lead into its lair.

When first encountered in Deepnest, Nosk looks exactly like The Knight and will appear in several places that are always out of reach. Once the player reaches the location where it appeared, Nosk will have vanished.

Once reaching its lair, they will reveal their true form through a transformation sequence before roaring and beginning the fight.



  • In a Kickstarter update there's an entry named "Unknown Species" that could be referring to either Nosk or the Knight, with the following description:

"No data available. This creature has been stalking the caverns lately. Travellers are advised to avoid it - it is potentially dangerous."

  • Using the Dream Nail on the many victims found throughout the corridors will reveal that Nosk took the shape of their lost loved ones to lure them into his lair.
  • Curiously, some of their victims appear to be Vessels, like the player.
  • When it dies, Nosk drops the same mask the player drops upon death.
  • In Nosk's lair, in the background, you can see that one of his former victims is missing a head. This is possibly where Nosk acquired the mask for its disguise.

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