Passive outer being protecting an aggressive, explosive core.

Ghastly, eerie creature made out of thick liquid. You can peer right through them, and can't see where they keep their thoughts. I don't trust them at all. Keep away.


Behavior and Tactics

It floats up and down in place in a set pattern.

Its body bursts when hit, revealing its orange volatile core. After an extremely brief moment, the core homes in on The Knight, exploding on contact with the player or a wall and dealing 2 masks of damage.

The core is tricky to avoid due to its travel speed, so it is advised to mainly avoid attacking Ooma when possible, as they are otherwise passive.

A direct hit from a Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul projectile will continue pushing the explosive core along its path, often until it hits a wall and explodes. This is the safest way to destroy an Ooma but requires SOUL to be spent.

Another way to destroy them without having to deal with the exploding core is by using acid. If an Ooma is pushed into acid, (via a nail strike from above), the core will be harmlessly destroyed along with the rest of the Ooma. Unfortunately, this method of killing does not allow you to collect Geo from the kill.

It is killed by a single tick of poison, so using Defender's Crest and Spore Shroom as well as Glowing Womb is not recommended when traversing its territory.

Weaversong, Dreamshield and Grimmchild charms will attack it, and the volatile core will still be launched at the player, so it is not recommended to wear these charms while in Fog Canyon.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...MONOMON...