Pale Ore
Rare, pale metal that emanates an icy chill.
Prized by those who craft weapons.


Pale Ore is a collectible item found in several places throughout Hallownest. Giving the Nailsmith Pale Ore along with a payment of Geo allows him to upgrade The Knight's Nail. The first upgrade requires no Pale Ore, the second requires one, the third requires two, and the final upgrade requires three Pale Ore, for a total of six.

How to Acquire

There are six pieces of Pale Ore to be found in total:

Source Conditions / Requirements
1. Found in Ancient Basin, found to the left of the tram station and the main Ancient Basin entrance. Defeat two Lesser Mawleks that guard it
2. Found in Hallownest's Crown at the very top of Crystal Peak, embedded in the pedestal of a statue of The Radiance Requires Monarch Wings and Mantis Claw*
3. Found in a secret spot in the Deepnest, accessed by breaking a wall in the room just left of the Hot Spring. Requires defeating Nosk
4. Given by Grubfather Requires rescuing 31 Grubs
5. Given by the Seer Requires collecting 300 Essence with the Dream Nail
6. Reward in Colosseum of Fools Complete the Trial of the Conqueror

*Can be reached without Monarch Wings, with some difficulty. The two jumps on the path that would normally require Monarch Wings can be done by nail-jumping off a breakable crystal (for the first) and a Crystal Hunter (for the second).