Hunter's Journal

Wilder, ancestral form of the Aspid. Once thought extinct, they have reappeared at the edges of the world.
These cruel foes will ambush you and relentlessly attack with their searing venom. How strange that their descendants are so weak. If I have children, I hope they will be stronger than me...

Behaviour and Tactics

They hover outside of melee reach and spits three balls of acid at once in a spread, the middle one typically aimed at the player, making the attack very difficult to dodge, especially at close range.

They are annoying to deal with due to their tendency to hover out of range, their difficult-to-dodge attack and their surprisingly high health pool. It is recommended to use Nail Arts against them, especially Great Slash or Dash Slash.

They often are found in groups, assisting other enemies, or in areas where the terrain makes them hard to reach.

They are also fought in the Colosseum of Fools, where they should be the highest priority to kill.



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