This is a list of to-dos for the wiki with a more detailed list of tasks.

Please mark which task you started by putting "WIP" (work in progress) in the "Status" field along with your username to "User" field. When completed, please mark the task from the list as "Done". Feel free to add tasks you think should be done to this list.

If you don't want to work on a specific thing, just search for "MISSING" on the wiki to find the pages that are missing things.


I'm currently working on an overhaul of the area pages (The Embraced One)

Review = double check content is correct

To-Do Status User
Fill in "Inhabitants" tables in all areas


To-Do Status User
Animated enemy gifs (dev contacted, might take a while) WIP The Embraced One
Map locations images for all enemies (example: Duranda)
Word check: make sure all enemies are referred to as "it" instead of "they" unless they are generally fought in groups. WIP KatkakePlushie
Word check: make sure words are not contracted, e.g. "do not" is not written as "don't" (applies for all situations, 's/'ve -> has/have, 's -> is, 'll-> will etc)
Reorder enemy list based on new DLC content WIP metalreflectslime


To-Do Status User
Verify ability/item requirements for each Grub Needs review
Colosseum of Fools (all trials) WIP The Embraced One
Add references to The Knight where approapriate WIP Zigmatism (others welcome)
Images of locations for spells and abilities WIP Rudyon
Updates + Hunt down on Steam all the update pages. Needs review metalreflectslime
Find out passing which event(s) triggers Zote to die. WIP metalreflectslime
Find out which event(s) triggers the Monarch Wings blue hue animation. WIP metalreflectslime


List of events example here: Zote the Mighty / Hornet

To-Do Note Status User
Elderbug Need prompts for dialogue WIP The Embraced One
Quirrel need list of event triggers WIP The Embraced One
Tiso need list of event triggers WIP The Embraced One
Cloth need list of event triggers WIP The Embraced One
All need images of locations for each Disliking (Others welcome)
Leg Eater add dialog when visited after making all breakable charms unbreakable

Items and Points of Interest

Geo deposits, relics, rancid eggs, and soul statues

To-Do Status User

 Category (C) & Summary (S) Pages




Fast Travel (S) - Tram tolls WIP The Embraced One
Bench (S) - Location & tolls WIP The Embraced One
Dreamers (S) WIP The Embraced One
Colosseum of Fools (S) WIP The Embraced One