A charm containing a crystal lens.

Increases the speed of focusing SOUL, allowing the bearer to heal damage faster.

How to Acquire

Buy from Salubra for Geo800 in Forgotten Crossroads.


Allows the player to cast FOCUS twice as fast, though the startup "bowing" animation remains the same speed. Though the charm is costly, it makes healing in the middle of combat much more forgiving. Extremely useful in situations with lots of combat and where the player is under constant pressure such as boss fights and arenas (notably the Colosseum of Fools).

Allows the player to either heal in situations where they might otherwise get interrupted while focusing or heal twice when they might otherwise only would have healed once.

 Charm Interactions

Stalwart ShellStalwart Shell Useful as it provides just enough time to focus and heal during the invincibility.
Soul CatcherSoul Catcher With a less prohibitive cost than Soul Eater, Soul Catcher grants more soul per strike and allows more frequent healing. Combining with Quick Focus allows for more frequent, safer healing.
Deep FocusDeep Focus Despite costing a prohibitive 7 notches combined, Quick Focus cancels the focus-speed penalty of Deep Focus, allowing the player to heal two masks at almost the regular speed, only slightly slower. Especially useful against swarms of enemies or enemies who deal two masks of damage per hit.