Quirrel is initially found at the Temple of the Black Egg. He wields a rapier-like Nail. In addition to a standard mask, he wears a second, larger mask on top of his head like a hat.



Temple of the Black Egg

Hello there! How delightful to meet another traveller on these forgotten roads.

You're a short one, but you've a strong look about you.

I'm Quirrel. I have something of an obsession with uncharted places.

This ancient kingdom holds many fascinating mysteries, and one of the most intriguing of them is standing right before us.

A great stone egg, lying in the corpse of an ancient kingdom. And this egg...Is it warm? It certainly gives off a unique air.

Can it be opened? There are strange marks all over it...

I do so love a mystery...And who knows what other marvels lie even deeper below us...


For so long I've felt drawn here. So many tales full of wonders and horrors. No longer could I resist. I just had to see it for myself.

And what a time I chose to arrive! This dead world has sprung to life.

The creatures are riled up and the earth rumbles. The air is thick. I wonder what could have brought it all about?


To persevere in this ruin, that old nail alone just won't be enough. Though that's no problem! One only has to look around.

Plenty have come before us and most have met their grisly end, many more equipped than you and I.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind were a fellow explorer to relieve them of their tools. It's a kindness really. The dead shouldn't be burdened with such things.


Did you pass that town above? What a gloomy little place. And such majesty hidden right beneath!

I suppose that's why they've all headed down here. Who could resist such possibilities?


Truly a marvel...

Dream Nail at the Temple of the Black Egg What is this feeling?... So familiar. Drawn forward yet repelled.

And those shapes upon the door...To gaze directly at them turns my mind to fog.

Lake of Unn Oh, hello there! Seems we both tread far from the path.

I can hardly believe those dusty old highways led to such a lush and lively place!

This building suggests some form of worship, though its idol has clearly been long forgotten. Doubles equally well for a moment's respite.


I saw a strange fellow out there. He seemed quite taken by the lake.

I'd planned to offer greetings, though figured I'd first tend to my nail on chance our meeting goes poorly.


Your nail looks a fine instrument, but it's showing signs of wear.

I'd wager up there it would take you far. Down here however, I suspect you'll soon meet dangers the surface world can't match.


Hallownest is perfect for vigilant explorers like us. So tense and thrilling. In this place, you're either alert or you're dead.

Dream Nail at the Lake of Unn That lake... a revered presence once slept deep within...

Did it? What would make me think such things?

Queen's Station Isn't this something. I'd not expected to discover so huge a Stag Station after that foggy descent.

The bugs of Hallownest must've been an impressive lot, building such grand structures so far into these wilds.

Seems the dangerous creatures about haven't yet made their way in here. It's the perfect place for a quick rest.


Can you imagine this place in its time? Hordes of bugs travelling about the Kingdom; stag bells ringing; the station bustling with activity and life.

Now only our like even know it exists.

That's a special thing I suppose, to cherish these sights, even in their decay.


Is it that, just faintly, you can still hear the echo of the bells?

Dream Nail at Queen's Station Even those great stags bowed to Hallownest's King. What devotion he must have inspired.
Mantis Village Hello again! I suppose you've already met with the tribe of this village, hmm? They seem a little distrustful of strangers... to put it lightly.

They're not brutes though, no. The sickness in the air that clouds the mind of lesser beasts... they resist it. They retain their intellect and their honour, though also their lethal traditions.

I've some words of advice, my friend. If you plan to challenge the lords of this tribe, your blunted nail may prove inadequate.

There is a city nearby, the old capital of Hallownest. I've heard a Nailsmith resides there. Seek the old bug out and you may find progress that much easier.


My own route takes me towards that great city. If you search out the Nailsmith, it may not be long until our paths cross again.

Dream Nail at the Mantis Village ...Who was it that told me of the Nailsmith? I can't even remember, yet I can almost picture the smith himself...
City of Tears The capital lies before us my friend. What a sombre place it seems and one that holds the answers to many a mystery.

I too have felt the pull of this place, though now I sit before it I find myself hesitant to descend.

Is it fear I wonder, or something else that holds me back?


The city looks to be built into an enormous cavern, and the rain pours down from cracks in the stone above.

There must be a lot of water up there somewhere. I suppose, if the cave roof stayed strong this long, it should hold for us.

The rain seems to come down endlessly, though. I'd like to see where it all comes from before I leave this Kingdom. What a sight it must be!


If you look down from here, through the rain, you can just make out those twisted sentries, their husks still stuck in endless patrol.

I'd be cautious around them my short friend. Their training will not have been forgotten. This city presents some formidable foes.


Isn't this a wonderful spot for a rest? I so love the sound of the rain upon glass.

Dream Nail at the City of Tears Hallownest's heart...Magnificent even in mourning.
Deepnest Hello, hello! What a thrill this is, to find such warm comfort amidst the den of beasts.

This is a ferocious place no doubt. Supposedly, there's a village deep in the warren. Its inhabitants never accepted Hallownest's King.


Why not join me for a time? These waters do wonders for weary legs.

Dream Nail in Deepnest This one too must seek the village at the nest's heart. What mystery the purpose that sees it share my path.
Crystal Peak Ahh, quite a view, no?

I'm not surprised you survived the trek through these shimmering caverns.

There's an air of strength about you. I suspect it would be quite intimidating, if not for your small stature.


Did it sadden you to see those miners below, still labouring at their endless task?

Even overcome, strong purpose has been imprinted upon their husks.

The crystal ore is said to contain a sort of energy, not as powerful as the soul the city dwellers harnessed but far less lethal.

...Strange to know such ancient facts. I wonder from where my knowledge comes?


At this high vantage I can just make it out, the light from that sad little town.

I doubt its residents could even comprehend the scale of the world that surrounds them.


So small it seems...

Dream Nail at Crystal Peak ...These winds cry lonely. Better the comfort of rock above one's head.
Outside the Teacher's Archives Doesn't this kingdom just abound with surprises? A building atop an acid lake.

Despite the sight, I can't help but feel... familiarity? Something stirs in my mind, though I can't yet tell what..

I'd thought it my lust for discovery that led me here but now there seems something else.

This building beckons me.


I can feel it calling... Dare I head in?

Dream Nail outside the Teacher's Archives ...Who are you, that leads me to this place?
Before Monomon Did she call you too then? I realise it's no coincidence we arrive together.

Though much of my memory is blank, this place I recall.

Within these chambers the Teacher sought to store the Kingdom's knowledge and at its core, she stored herself.


To save Hallownest, the Teacher willingly became a seal, but upon herself she enacted an additional protection.

Though I cannot recall its happening, I played a part in that feat.


She called me here, now, to reverse that protection. All in aid of you.

Before slaying Monomon while not having Dream Nail Ahh, but her mind is still locked to you. That final, powerful protection stays in place.

If you would attempt to break her seal, you've first to discover the means to open a mind. Such tools may exist to perform the feat, though in my own travels I've not come across one.

I'd heard it told the Kingdom's moths did delve amongst dreams and the dead. Perhaps you'd seek them out?

Before slaying Monomon and having Dream Nail Do not hesitate. The choice to reform was hers, not mine.

She knows what you would do and seems to welcome it.


Why do you hesitate? Mercy is a fine thing, but you and her agree this must be done. Be brave, friend.

After slaying Monomon The Madam's life is extinguished and with it her seal breaks.

It's a heavy thing you attempt, but I've seen your prowess up close and she too believed you capable.

Be on your journey then, and allow me rest a time. With the deed complete, I begin to feel my age.

Dream Nail inside the Teacher's Archives To think, such a small creature would bear this kingdom's fate.
Blue Lake Again we meet my short friend. Here at last, I feel at peace.

Twice I've seen this world and though my service may have stripped the first experience from me, I'm thankful I could witness its beauty again.

Hallownest is a vast and wondrous thing, but in as many wonders as it holds, I've seen none quite so intriguing as you.

Ha. My flattery returns only silent stoicism. I like that.

I like that very much.



Dream Nail at Blue Lake To live an age, yet remember so little... Perhaps I should be thankful?

All tragedy erased. I see only wonders...


  • After the final encounter with Quirrel at the Blue Lake, upon re-entering the area, his nail will be planted into the ground. It is unknown what happens to Quirrel after this.
  • Quirrel is one of three characters in the game that can help during a boss fight. The others are Cloth during the Traitor Lord fight and Hornet while fighting the Hollow Knight.
  • The mask Quirrel wears on his head is identical to the mask of Monomon the Teacher. It is later revealed that Quirrel used to work under Monomon before the fall of Hallownest.

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