Relic Seeker Lemm makes his home in a tall tower of the City of Tears, before the fountain, right from an elevator shortcut. He mentions that the building which his shop is located in was completely empty when he arrived.

He will eagerly offer Geo in exchange for rare antiques from about the Kingdom.

It is advised to hold on to any relics found until enough have been acquired to purchase an item from a Vendor or a Nail upgrade, as relics are not lost upon death, and it is easier to sell relics than farm for Geo.

After the player has killed one of the three Dreamers, his shop closes. Lemm can then be found at the fountain of The Hollow Knight, pondering about the meaning of the statue. He notes that The Hollow Knight is not mentioned anywhere else except for the fountain plaque. After having talked to him, he will return to his shop.


Wanderer's Journal

Wanderers Journal
Sold for Geo‍200
A journal left behind by a long dead traveller. The words are written in a forgotten dialect and difficult to understand.

Relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to the kingdom's history.

Shop Description
A journal left behind by a long dead traveller. The words are written in a forgotten dialect and difficult to understand.

Relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to the kingdom's history.

List of locations
  1. (Greenpath) Just outside of the stag station behind a breakable wall.
  2. (Greenpath) Climb up the right wall at the bottom of the room which connects to Fog Canyon.
  3. (Fungal Wastes) On the right side of the vertical room to the left of the room where you get the charm notch from the two Shrumal Ogre enemies.
  4. (Fungal Wastes) On the right wall next to the Whispering Root above the Mantis Village.
  5. (City of Tears) In the area to the left of the City Storerooms stag station
  6. (City of Tears) In the tower above King's Station. Ride the first elevator from the bottom, but get off early to the right.
  7. (Pleasure House) On the first floor behind a hidden passage.
  8. (Howling Cliffs) On the right side when climbing up the cliffs.
  9. (Crystal Peak) On the way down the right side of the crystal peak, in the first room at the top there will be a room with 7 Crystal Crawler enemies going around a platform. Proceed around the platform and you'll find the journal on the left.
  10. (Resting Grounds) Directly below and to the right of the Soul Eater charm.
  11. (Ancient Basin) In the room where the Ancient Basin connects to the City of Tears, under the right most platform.
  12. (Kingdom's Edge) When entering from King's Station, climb the wall on the left to find the journal.
  13. (Kingdom's Edge) Next to the bench on the path leading to the cast-off shell. Getting to the bench requires breaking the ceiling in the room below.
  14. (Kingdom's Edge) Head up from the fight with Markoth, but before heading to the next room look for a breakable floor to the right. Climb back up and you'll find the journal in a nook to the right of the shaft made by breaking through the floor.

Hallownest Seal

Hallownest Seal
Sold for Geo‍450
Official Seal of the Kingdom of Hallownest, symbolising the authority of the King and his Knights.

Relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to the kingdom's history.

Shop Description
These ornate seals were the official symbols of the King and his Knights, and were treasured by those who carried them.

The King and his Knights are long gone, but the seals still hold value as curiosities. I'll pay a modest price for them.

List of locations
  1. (Grubfather) Reward for saving the 23rd Grubs.
  2. (Forgotten Crossroads) In a secret room on the left side of the well. Requires Mantis Claw to reach.
  3. (Greenpath) In the bottom left of the room which is left and down from the room where you get Thorns of Agony.
  4. (Fungal Wastes) In the top section of the room outside of the Queen's Station, and past a gauntlet of Sporgs.
  5. (Mantis Village) In a chest in the room northeast of the Mantis Lords boss fight, can only be accessed after defeating the Mantis Lords.
  6. (Queen's Station) Up in the ceiling where Willoh is eating mushrooms. Requires Monarch Wings.
  7. (Fog Canyon) In a room to the northeast of the Overgrown Mound, near the Lifeblood Cocoon.
  8. (Fog Canyon) In the room connected to the Forgotten Crossroads, hidden in the left wall.
  9. (Resting Grounds) In the catacombs east of the lift, behind several breakable walls.
  10. (Resting Grounds) Reward from the Seer for 100 Essence.
  11. (City of Tears) At the top of the stretch between starting point to the Memorial of Hollow Knight.
  12. (City of Tears) Above the King's Station Stag Station. Use your nail to bounce across the spiked roof of the station to find the seal on the left.
  13. (Soul Sanctum) In the left most room after fighting the Soul Master.
  14. (Watcher's Spire) In room above and to the left of the Watcher Knight fight.
  15. (Beast's Den) After breaking loose from being captured, head right until part of the floor falls out. Take this lower path back left until you see the seal.
  16. (Queen's Gardens) In the left side of the farthest left non-secret room.

King's Idol

Kings Idol
Sold for Geo‍800
A white idol depicting the King of Hallownest. The elusive King was worshipped through these idols.

Relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to the kingdom's history.

Shop Description
An icon of Hallownest's King, who was revered as both a god and a ruler. Made out of a mysterious white material, these are rare and very valuable.

If you'll sell it to me, I'll pay a good price.

List of locations
  1. (Grubfather) The 38th reward for saving Grubs.
  2. (Crystal Peak) In a box beside a Glimback, above where Cornifer sells the map. Requires Monarch Wings.
  3. (Glade of Hope) Behind the waterfall to the right of the area.
  4. (Royal Waterways) In the Waterways beside the room where the player fights the Dung Defender, in a secret room only accessible with Desolate Dive/Descending Dark.
  5. (Howling Cliffs) At the bottom left edge of the map.
  6. (Kingdom's Edge) To the left side of the caves directly under the Colosseum of Fools behind a breakable wall.
  7. (Deepnest) Left of where Zote is trapped in the spider's web.
  8. Godmaster Icon(Kingdom's Edge) Behind the Colosseum of Fools and in a secret room.

Arcane Egg

Arcane Egg
Sold for Geo‍1200
Mysterious stone egg from before the birth of Hallownest.

Relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to history.

Shop Description
Ah! This seems like a simple egg, but it's actually a precious relic from before the birth of Hallownest!

I'll pay you a small fortune for it. Please sell it to me!

List of locations
  1. (The Abyss) At the very bottom right of the room you get the Lifeblood Core charm. Head left to get to the lower part of the area and then under the rest of the room. Must be obtained before Lifeblood Core.
  2. (The Abyss) Directly to the left of the Shade Cloak upgrade.
  3. (Birthplace) Stay on the left side of the Birthplace and head far down.
  4. (Resting Grounds) Given by Seer as a reward for 1,200 essence.



First encounter

Aye Aye. Come searching for rare items have you? Well hands off! This collection is mine and I won't be selling to grubby little wanderers

Still, I imagine you come across many interesting items in your travels. Maybe you'd care to part with some? I'll offer a fair trade for each.

Generic Greeting

No touching the antiques! My stock is not for sale.

Still, if you've managed to come upon any interesting trinkets during your travels, I may be willing to trade. Step over to the counter here and I'll see what you've got.

Talking a second time

There's a forgotten history hidden in this kingdom's antiques, though few seem willing to look. Others come just to claw away at the cracks and ruins.

Pah! Scavengers and thieves. It's contemptible.

Talking a third time

Admiring my shop are you? Well I'm no squatter.

This place was dead empty when I moved in and there's no one left alive who'd lay claim to the tower.

If you fancy yourself a domicile in the city, go find somewhere else, preferably in another building.

I'm well content with just my relics. I'm not after neighbours.

Talking a fourth time

We've talked enough I think. Relics need cleaning. Texts need deciphering. Out with you! This isn't a museum.

Talking while having the Old Nail

That nail you bear looks mighty blunt. There're cracks all through it. It's as much a relic as the objects in my shop!

I've little interest in weapons myself, but it may be an idea to hunt down that old Nailsmith.

His hut's on the outskirts of the city. Not that far from here. He might help add some sting to your weapon, provided he's feeling generous.

Nothing to buy

Hm. Looks like you don't have any relics on you. If you manage to find any in good condition, bring them to me and I'll give you a fair amount of Geo for them.

Wearing the Defender's Crest

Urgh! What do you think you're doing, coming into my nice little shop stinking like that?

These relics have been through enough. They don't need you spreading your stench all over them! Crawl back to the Waterways or wherever you came from!

Dream Nailed

...This short one's got an odd look about it... though vaguely familiar?..

At the Fountain Square

Sign at shop door

Gone out to clear my head. Will be back soon. If you have something you absolutely must sell, come find me in Fountain Square.

Greeting at Fountain Square

Oh? What are you doing out in this miserable downpour?

Impressive fountain isn't it? I'm sure we'd be able to appreciate it more if we weren't both getting drenched.

That knight up there was an important one. The plaque here mentions its 'sacrifice,' which carries something of an ominous tone.

Probably met some sort of horrible end, though it sounds like the knight's goal may have been achieved in the process.

In all the relics I've collected, I've yet to find a clue as to what that was.

Talking again:

I'll be getting back to the shop soon. If I stay out here too long I'll get washed into the Waterways.

Come and visit if you like. If you have relics, I mean. I'm not much for chatter.

Dream Nailed

...Who were you mystery knight?... Why no mention beyond your fountain?..

Selling a Wanderer's Journal


A Wanderer's Journal, eh?

Though they're common finds about the kingdom, I much enjoy the deciphering of their text.

Read together they paint a morbid tale. It seems fate was unkind to most who travel within Hallownest's ruin.


Another Wanderer's Journal?

I might not offer a lot for each but they're plentiful about the caverns and I doubt you'll find another willing to make trade for Geo.


A Wanderer's Journal? Yes. Yes. I'll add it to the pile with the others.

I don't know when I'll get to decipher this one. It's long hard work translating the many languages of the bugs that explore these caverns.


A Wanderer's Journal?

You've a knack for finding these. Corpses must be frequent on your journey. No doubt your nail's created many more.


Another Wanderer's Journal, eh?

This journal is of traditional stone type. Text endures well upon it.

In its declining age, this city switched from stone to parchment woven of spider's silk.

It's a small tragedy, but the moisture in these towers has rendered most of those texts illegible.


A Wanderer's Journal?

Have you heard that saying about stone journals?

If danger lurks close by and your nail has dulled with wear, Just swing your journal at your foes with blunt and deadly flair.

S'a good one isn't it! And accurate. They sure have a heft to them.


What's that? A Wanderer's Journal?

I've so many of these now. Once I get around to deciphering them all, I'll be the preeminent scholar on Hallownest's dead.

Eighth onward

A Wanderer's Journal?

It's quite incredible how many of these you've collected. You must have travelled the breadth of the kingdom to accrue such a haul.

Selling a Hallownest Seal


A Hallownest Seal, eh? Very interesting this.

Do you know of the Kingdom's five great knights? They're revered figures of Hallownest, often mentioned in the annals of the Kingdom, but only as a group.

Both their names and appearance seem to have been expunged from history.

So long has passed since their time. It'd be a grand achievement to discover their identities.


Another Hallownest Seal? Pass it over.

Ah. I enjoy collecting their like, but there's little information to be gleaned of each.

Mind you, they do keep a nice shine about them and there's nothing wrong with appreciating something purely on aesthetic merits.


A Hallownest Seal, eh? Give it here.

Do you have anything else for me? If not, get your damp little self out of my home.


Another Hallownest Seal?

Others have told me there's a statue out by the city's entrance depicting a large knightly figure. Could be one of the Kingdom's great five.

I'd have looked it over myself, but the gate's long been shut tight and it's too much hassle taking the long way round with all those blasted husks about.


Yep, that's another Hallownest Seal alright.

The shop'll be overflowing with these things soon. Gah! I'd never guessed so many would still be lying around.

If they're as common as you make them seem, maybe I've been offering too much for them?


Another Hallownest Seal? Pass it over then.

Seventh onward

A Hallownest Seal?

You're a talented collector, alright. The best I've met. If you keep at it, I worry I'll run out of space in the shop!

Selling a King's Idol


A King's Idol, eh?

Hallownest's king was an elusive figure, deified by the citizens. With the king rarely seen, worship was offered through these idols.

There's an expert craft to them. Few alive could match this skill.


A King's Idol?

If you look closely, each of these idols is subtly different. There are fine engravings about them that take some time to decipher.

I suspect each was tailored to the owner. A personalised symbol of the king's omnipotence.


Another King's Idol?

Have you visited the remnants of his palace? It's down below this city, in the bedrock of the kingdom.

Must've been an impressive sight in its time. Now there's nothing left.

It's a strange thing though. There are no signs of conflict around the area. It's as though the whole place just vanished.


A King's Idol?

I've often wondered the true visage of the king. Depictions are of an imposing, gleaming figure and a fiercely horned crown.

I suspect there's much embellishment in the imagery though. A ruler seeking worship tends to hide their blemishes. It'd do no good to appear a common bug.

Fifth onward

A King's Idol?

With as many of these as you've delivered, the other Relic Seekers are like to think I've gone mad for the King!

Pah! Who am I kidding. They'll only be jealous of my collection. Find me more!

Selling an Arcane Egg


An Arcane Egg, eh? Now this, this is an ancient thing. These relics are the prize of my profession. There's knowledge hidden within, though it's very difficult, painstaking work to extract.

One large understanding can be gleamed though. This civilisation may claim itself the first, but something else did exist within this place before Hallownest.

Each egg offers a narrow glimpse into that forgotten age.


Another Arcane Egg?

It's a rare chance to own two of these. I'll be the envy of all my colleagues, though my purse is feeling much lighter for it.

These eggs are the most desired find from time before Hallownest, but they're not the only remnant of that age.

You may have come upon them, those old statues that seem a store for soul? They too prove its existence, though in a larger, cruder form.


A third Arcane Egg? You're an exceptional explorer to have found so many.

An egg is a perfect protective form. In Hallownest we use stone journals or tablets, our text engraved atop. These eggs are far more secure. Their records are stored within.

In fear of damaging the eggs, I'm only able to access the outer layer, but it's clear those in the distant past could somehow access information stored even deeper within.

If only I could find a way to do so. Just think of the discoveries to be made!


A fourth Arcane Egg! I wouldn't have believed it possible. I've never met a bug with your knack for uncovering this Kingdom's treasures.
You must have some sort of sense about you? Or maybe these eggs are somehow drawn to you.

My fellows have claimed there's a will of sorts within each egg, that each seeks its own bearer, or reject them.

That'd be a subtle power indeed, and I remain sceptical. Relic Seekers are prone to confusing facts with fable.



  • Lemm, along with Steel Soul Jinn, are the only shopkeepers who buy items instead of selling them.
  • While Lemm mentions other Relic Seekers, no other such NPC is ever found in Hallownest.
  • While wearing Defender's Crest Lemm will refuse to buy your relics.
  • According to screenshots from the Hollow Knight Press Kit, Lemm was originally going to be called Relic Seeker Marm.
  • The Hallownest Seal appears frequently as an aesthetic all over the kingdom of Hallownest, it is loosely formed around the design of a Monarchfly and is notably the design that The Pale King used to signify his architecture.