Shade Cloak
Cloak formed from the substance of the Abyss.
Allows the wearer to dash through enemies and their attacks without taking damage.


Press DASH to dash forwards, cloaked in shadows.

Shade Cloak Icon

Use the cloak to dash through enemies and their attacks without taking damage.

The Shade Cloak acts as an upgrade to the Mothwing Cloak.

Allows The Knight to dash through enemies and their attacks, as well as Shade Gates. Explosions and environmental hazards will still deal damage.

The Shade Cloak has a small cooldown independent of the regular Dash. This is indicated by shadow particles scattering around the Knight while it is on cooldown, then being absorbed into the Knight when it recharges. Dashing while the cooldown is in effect will result in a normal dash which does not phase through enemies. The Dashmaster charm does not reduce this cooldown time.

How to Acquire

Located in The Abyss, to the very right, beyond the shadow sea. Standing inside the bowl of the shadow fountain will result in a black substance permeating the Knight before granting them the ability.


The Sharp Shadow charm causes the Shadow Dash to deal 1x Nail damage and increases dash length by 39%.


In the game files, this ability is referred to as "Shadow Dash".

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