Reveals the form of Unn within the bearer.

While focusing SOUL, the bearer will take on a new shape and can move freely to avoid enemies.

How to Acquire

Acquired from Unn beneath the Lake of Unn. Requires Isma's Tear.


Allows The Knight to move while using Focus. However, movement is limited; the player cannot jump or use any movement abilities during this time and there is still a startup and ending animation for the Focus. As such, this charm is primarily only effective with a speedrunning build or during bossfights.

Charm Interactions

Baldur Shell

Baldur Shell

In addition to providing the protective shell, the player will appear as a snail with a blue shell on their back while focusing.
Spore Shroom

Spore Shroom

In addition to creating spores, the player will have small mushrooms growing out of their back while focusing.
Quick Focus

Quick Focus

When focusing, the player can move much faster than using Shape of Unn alone. It is unknown whether or not this is intended.


This charm turns the player into a snail while using Focus. Using it in combination with other charms changes how the snail body will look like:

Shape of Unn Default
Shape of Unn default
Shape of Unn Baldur
With Baldur Shell
Shape of Unn Shroom
With Spore Shroom
Shape of Unn Shroom Baldur
Baldur Shell + Spore Shroom