Contains a forbidden spell that transforms shadows into deadly weapons.

When using Shadow Dash, the bearer's body will sharpen and damage enemies.


How to Acquire

Location Sharp Shadow

Located in Deepnest, Southeast of the Hot Spring behind a Shade Gate. Requires Shade Cloak.


Sharp Shadow deals damage equal to the player's current Nail damage, but is not affected by Fragile Strength or Fury of the Fallen. It is, however, affected by Dashmaster, providing a 50% damage increase. Enemies struck by the Sharp Shadow will not generate SOUL.

Sharp Shadow can also harm enemies that are immune to nail attacks.

Charm Interactions



Increases the damage dealt by the shadow to 1.5 x Nail damage. Does not decrease charge or cooldown time.


  • The pedestal in which the Sharp Shadow Charm is found on resembles a Soul Totem but covered with twisted block vines of what is possibly Void.
  • Shade Dashing through an Ooma will cause its explosive core to drop to the floor before homing in on The Knight, giving time to find cover.