Warrior fighting for glory in the Colosseum of Fools. Warily approaches opponents with shield held high.

This 'Colosseum' is a strange place where some bugs fight each other to the death and others watch. I don't understand such obscure rituals. If you venture in, stay on guard at all times.


Behaviour and Tactics

Cautiously walks towards The Knight, raising its shield when they come close, which blocks any damage from the front (except for Spells). If the Knight moves too close, they may back off a few steps.

After taking a hit from the shield, or waiting long enough with the Knight in front of them, they will lunge forward followed by a slash. Occasionally then lunge and slash a second time. Their attacks are very telegraphed and can be dodged easily; the second swing is only slightly faster than then first one. Bait them into attacking, then counter-attack while they recover or jump over/dash through them and hit them from behind. When the player jumps above them while they are not attacking, they will use their shield to protect themselves from above.

Alternatively, since they will only raise their shield at a certain distance, ranged attacks such as Vengeful Spirit, Grubberfly's Elegy, and even Dash Slash can be used to dispose of them easily.

Dream Nail Dialogue

In Colosseum of Fools:

  • I am the strongest!
  • Fear me, warrior!
  • I'll crush it into the dirt!
  • You cannot harm me!

In Warriors' Pit:

  • ...Are we Fools?...

Corpses in Kingdom's Edge:

  • ...Champion?...
  • ...I was a champion...I won't die here...


This enemy is only found in the Colosseum of Fools.