Huge fungal creature. Attacks by spitting corrosive venom and slamming its body into foes.

Are these hulking things beasts or are they mushroom? I cut one in half and peered inside to find out, but could find no answers in its soft, stinking insides.


Behaviour and Tactics

  • Thrash: Briefly winds up then smashes its head 7 times against the ground in front of itself, moving slowly forward.
  • Goo Spit: Spits balls of orange goo that will stay on the ground for a short period of time

Keep a small distance from it to bait its ranged attack, then dash under the acid to attack. Retreat when it pauses to use its melee attack.

Shrumal Ogres are impervious to Nail strikes from above.

During the mini boss battle where two are fought at once, try to damage-burst one down as quickly as possible. Stalwart Shell makes this significantly easier.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Shroomish: ...Melemag....Mu ola...
  • Shroomish: ...Undaya...Moga moga nala...
  • Shroomish: ...Gagan oola...
  • With Spore Shroom: ...We crush...
  • With Spore Shroom: ...We strong...
  • With Spore Shroom: ...We as one...



  • Upon death their body will split into mushroom chunks, similar to those used in certain stews.