Fungal creature that attacks intruders to protect its young.

Something queer in the air has caused these mushrooms to grow hearts, minds, and even faces! This means they now fear for their lives, like all other living creatures.

Behaviour and Tactics

When the player gets in range, or attacks it with a ranged attack, it rolls into a ball and either jumps into the air in a descending arc or rolls directly at The Knight, leaving a trail of toxic gas.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • Shroomish: Nyush oola mumu? Shruba dungo ola, ola mu... gungi?
  • Shroomish: ...Mushi mungi ooalala...
  • Shroomish: ...Nyanmul....Gassa ola...

  • With Spore Shroom: ...Stay back...
  • With Spore Shroom: ...Must protect... Must kill...
  • With Spore Shroom: ...Our mind as one...


They can only be found in Fungal Wastes, mainly in Fungal Core.


  • Shrumal Warriors' and Shrumal Ogres' Dream Nail dialogue as well as Mr. Mushroom can only be understood with Spore Shroom equipped.
  • In one of the hollow knight trailers, a Shrumal Warrior wielding a staff is seen. It doesn't attack the player, but instead talks to them.