The body of a bug, completely consumed by infection. Spits corrosive liquid.

The infection that swept through Hallownest so long ago... they say that the harder you struggle against it, the more it consumed you.


Behaviour and Tactics

Despite physically resembling the Leaping Husk, these foes do not jump, instead it will spit a cluster of infection blobs in an arc that lingers temporarily on the ground.

Its attack is predictable and easy to dodge. Avoid one spit and move in quickly for a kill, or attack with a ranged Spell or a Nail Art with a large area of effect, such as Dash Slash.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • ...BRIGHT...
  • ...HOT...BURNING...
  • ...NO MORE DARK..
  • ...LIGHT RISING...



  • Most Leaping Husks in the Forgotten Crossroads will be changed into Slobbering Husks once the area is Infected.