Sly is a fly merchant.

Initially found in a small hovel in the room accessible after defeating Gruz Mother in the Forgotten Crossroads, slowly succumbing to the infection. Talking to him breaks him out of his daze, and he will return to Dirtmouth to open his shop.

After given the Shopkeeper's Key, more of his goods will be unlocked.

Visiting him after learning all three Nail Arts, he will be found in his storeroom, where it is revealed that he is the Great Nailsage who taught the three Nailmasters and rewards the player with the Nailmaster's Glory Charm.

Sly hr


Icon Name & Description Cost Condition
Simple Key
Simple Key

Simply, a simple key. It will fit a variety of locks, which is useful if you like to poke around in places you don't belong.

Geo950 None
Rancid Egg
Rancid Egg

I found this under the counter. Some creature must have laid it here while I was stuck down in the ruins.

I suppose you could buy it? I won't miss its sour odour.

Geo60 None
Lumafly Lantern
Lumafly Lantern

What's more important? A light to guide your way, or a friend who'll stay by your side?

Why not both? Take this bright little fellow as your companion and he'll light your way through the thickest darkness.

Geo1800 None
Health Piece
Mask Shard

This old thing? Merely a fragment of something larger. Still, maybe you can make some use of it.

Geo150 None
Health Piece
Mask Shard

I found another of these. If you look closely, there's some nice engraving work on them.

I suspect I undercharged last time, and this is the only one left. It's gonna cost you!

Geo500 Purchased previous Mask Shard
Health Piece
Mask Shard

You're collecting these, aren't you? Well you're in luck, I found another in my storeroom.

This is the last one though, so it's priced accordingly.

Geo800 Shopkeeper's Key,

Purchased previous Mask Shard

Health Piece
Mask Shard

As it turns out, I do actually have one more of these shards left. Very last one!

I feel bad charging you so much for the previous shards, especially because it means I have to charge even more for this one.

Geo1500 Shopkeeper's Key,

Purchased previous Mask Shard

Vessel Fragment
Vessel Fragment

A piece of a Soul Vessel. You know, those ghastly looking orb things?

I don't really like the aura about it, but it's quite rare so I'll have to charge you a high price.

Geo550 None
Vessel Fragment
Vessel Fragment

I dug out another of these. Turns out I had a complete set. If they didn't give me the creeps, I'd put the pieces together myself.

Geo900 Shopkeeper's Key,

Purchased previous Vessel Fragment

Gathering Swarm
Gathering Swarm

Do you find yourself leaving a lot of Geo behind as you hurry through the caverns?

This charm will make sure that any loose change finds its way back to you.

Geo300 None
Stalwart Shell
Stalwart Shell

Life in Hallownest can be tough, always taking hits and getting knocked around. This charm grants you more time to recover after taking damage. Useful if you need to escape from a tight spot.

Geo200 None
Heavy Blow
Heavy Blow

You enjoy smacking about foes with that nail of yours, right? With this charm equipped, you'll be able to send them flying further with every hit!

Geo350 Shopkeeper's Key
Elegant Key
Elegant Key

An explorer found this fancy key floating in the waterways of the city far below us. I've not cleaned it.

Geo800 Shopkeeper's Key


First encounter

...ugghh, Oro you oaf.... You wield your nail... like a club...

...Esmy... how much deeper do we have to go...

Oh! What?! Who are you?!

...I see. This old village. What a strange dream, to have led me down here! If you hadn't found me, I don't think I would've ever woken.

I'm Sly. Usually, I live an uneventful life up in Dirtmouth. The air in these ruins doesn't agree with me, so I'd best be getting back.

If you return above, come and see me. I'm probably the friendliest face left there, and I can thank you properly for your good deed.


Talking again:

You're exploring then? Very brave! Plenty of courageous wanderers have been lost to the hunger of these old caverns.

You have your nail though, and I can tell just by looking that you know how to wield it.

First entering shop

Ah, hello! I knew we'd meet again. How do you like my cosy little store? I've made myself pretty comfortable here, selling old trinkets to travellers like yourself.

If you're planning a trip below, I've several items that may improve your chance of survival.

After Iselda opens her shop

I see they've opened that mapping shop across the way. I suppose a little competition is healthy.

Perhaps I should start to sell maps as well... or is that a little aggressive? Heh. All's fair in a world made of Geo.

Generic greeting

Pockets feeling empty? If you need some more Geo, take a trip into the ruins below us and hunt around. Just take care not to fall into a haze. I won't be coming down to rescue you.

Dream Nail

In the ruined village:

...Geo. Geo. All the world is Geo. No nail can withstand its might...


In his shop:

...Wherever you are... Whatever it is you do now... I hope you three are looking after yourselves...


In his basement:

...These refined weapons...The battles of Geo are much deadlier...

Nothing to sell

Ah, still looking for something to buy? Are your Geo weighing you down? Unfortunately, you seem to have cleared out everything I'd be willing to part with. Nothing left at all!

I think there might be a few old trinkets down in my storeroom, but I lost the key a while ago.

So, no more business between us I'm afraid! For now at least. Get out of here and let me spend some quality time with all the Geo you've gifted me.

Back again? You know I haven't any stock left, yes? You've cleaned me out.

Or were you hoping to sneak a peek at my mountain of Geo? Well it's mine now! And fairly traded.

When player has Shopkeeper's Key

What do you have there? Why, that's the key to my storeroom! I thought I'd lost it for good.

Hmm? Did you find it in those old mines perhaps? Very curious. I've no idea how it ended up in such a remote place.

Very honest of you to return it to me, yes. Very kind. And now that I can open my old storeroom up, I can sell you some of the rare stock that's been gathering dust in there.

These items may be a little time-worn, but they still retain their full market value. Very precious stuff! Take a look...

After learning a Nail Art

Hmm, you seem a little different. Something has changed in your bearing.

Ah! The way you hold your nail! So you've learnt a Nail Art...

Very interesting. I wonder, do you have the passion to continue your training?

After upgrading the Nail

You've found a new nail, then? It looks like a much finer weapon than the last.

Hmm? Oh, this is the same nail... but it's been honed! By someone extremely skilled...

A nail is an extension of ourselves, it is the instrument by which we shape the world around us. It's a sacred duty to keep its edges sharp.

...Heh, sorry. I shouldn't ramble on like that. Let's talk Geo instead.

After learning all Nail Arts

...So, another would join our group.

I have a gift for you, warrior. As a shopkeeper, I admit parting with it for free is rather difficult.

But as the Great Nailsage I must recognise your skill. You have mastered the arts of my remaining pupils. Now tradition decrees you too may hold the symbol.

Wear it proudly, Nailmaster. You shall be the last to receive its like.


Talking again:

Off you go Nailmaster. I've nothing more to give you...

Nothing for free at least. I'll be up briefly and eager take your Geo in trade for my precious wares.

Greeting afterwards

How are your travels, Nailmaster? As time goes by, I'm sure you'll only grow stronger.

If you see your fellow Nailmasters again, tell them I carry them in my thoughts always. And that they should come and buy something from their old teacher as a mark of respect.



Sly first appears in an abandoned house in the southeast region of the Forgotten Crossroads. After talking to him, he can next be found in Dirthmouth.


  • According to a livestream Q&A, the development team originally planned for Sly to be a difficult boss who wielded a nail approximately the size of the other Nailmasters'.
  • Sly being more than he seems is repeatedly foreshadowed. For instance, his very first line - "Oro, you oaf... you wield your nail... like a club..." - refers to Nailmaster Oro, he states that he is "usually Sly", and he comments on the player's Nail several times.
  • Sly is the only merchant that requires the player to purchase an item to unlock the next one in the series.

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