Found inside the Ancestral Mound in Forgotten Crossroads.

Upon first encounter, the Shaman gifts the Vengeful Spirit spell to The Knight. Accepting it results in the Knight waking up locked up in a small dungeon, tasked with killing a beast (Elder Baldur) within the Ancestral Mound.

The bodies of other snail shamans can be found throughout the game (a crystallised one in Crystalised Mound, one with overgrown fungus in Overgrown Mound and one in Soul Sanctum that looked like it has been experimented on). Acquiring spells from these will unlock dialogue with him.


First encounter

Oho! Who is that creeping out of the darkness? My, you're looking grim! A strange, empty face and a wicked looking weapon!

Something important has drawn you down into Hallownest's corpse, but I won't ask what. Perhaps the reason you've found me is because you need my help?

Say no more, friend. I'm going to give you a gift, a nasty little spell of my own creation. It's just perfect for a little one like you! Ohoho!


Talking again:

Don't be afraid. Have faith! That spell belongs to you now, all you need to do is take it!

Ohohoho, you won't be going much further without it, I promise you!


If player left before taking the spell:

Oho, you've come back! Didn't you like the look of my gift? You left without saying a word!

Perhaps you're braver than you think! Go ahead and take what belongs to you!

After player awakens Oho? You've woken at last! I apologise, perhaps I should have warned you about the power of that spell. I was watching over you as you slept, but seem to have slipped away myself! Ohohoho!

Now we're awake, I was wondering whether you would do me a small favour. Not as repayment for my gift of course, simply because we're now friends.

You see, a horrid great beast has made its home in the heart of this temple. Such disrespect! I would be quite grateful if you were to venture deeper in and slay it for me.

It's a hardy creature, but with your new power you're more than a match for it! Good luck with this small favour, my friend! Ohohohohohoho!


Talking again:

What is it? Are you wondering about this gate between us? Ohoho! It's a curious thing, but this door will not open until you have slain that creature lying in the heart of the temple.

Don't worry about it. I'm sure the spirits of my ancestors will be watching over you.

Completing his task Oho! So it's done then, you've slain the beast!

The poor thing! It must have been terrified of you. It used to be quite docile, but the rancid air in these caverns filled it with some ancient rage.

Still, you did what had to be done! You have my gratitude! Of course, we both know you wouldn't have made it through without that spell of mine... Ohoho!


If player did not talk to him after awakening:

Oho! There you are! I was watching over you while you slept, and must have slipped away myself. I woke up and found you'd disappeared! You are a surprising one, ohoho!

Actually, I wanted to ask a small favour of you. You see, there is a certain creature lurking just above us, in the heart of this temple...

...Oho? Well, yet another surprise! You've slain that creature before I've even asked!

I scarcely deserve such a friend as you! You're a marvel! Ohohoho!

Gate opened And look! The gate between us has opened. Ohoho!

I'm sure you're eager to move on. Farewell, and have faith! Whatever you are seeking... it will find you! Ohohoho!


Talking again:

Why do you hesitate? You'll get nothing more from me, I'm afraid.

Though I do admire your persistence! Ohohohoho!

Generic greeting Oho! What brings you back through here, little shadow? Are you lost?

Don't worry about me. I don't need anything more from you. Ohohoho!

Dream Nail

Poking around in the dreams of others... You're more curious than you look! Oho ho ho ho!

After acquiring Shade Soul What's this? My vengeful gift has warped within you. You've twisted it into something... else.

Ohohohoh! I knew it. My friend! You're a marvel. Your essence has melded with the spell.

You must have found a powerful source to transform it in such a unique, expressive way.

After acquiring Desolate Dive Ah ho! I'm sensing new power about you, one that'll crack the rock beneath us. A useful thing for one looking to travel ever deeper.

My third uncle used to possess similar abilities. He also possessed a ferocious temper! Ohohoho! What a dreadful combination.

After acquiring Descending Dark My friend. My friend. There's another quality about you yet. You didn't perchance visit my fourth aunt?

She makes her home beside that Crystal Mount. Leaves quite an impression on those that seek her out. Were I not bound here, I'd love to visit myself.

After acquiring Howling Wraiths Pried a spell out of my larger cousin did you? Aren't you the charming one.

She's not usually the generous sort, certainly not as much as myself, but she does have that wonderful voice! It's no surprise her spells carry such aural force.

After acquiring Abyss Shriek That scream? Ooohh, distorted in such a way... it's not within the skills of us snails to do such a thing.

Wherever you draw this new power from, it's not a place my kind ever thought to look.

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