Forgotten shaman artifact, used to draw SOUL from still-living creatures.

Greatly increases the amount of SOUL gained when striking an enemy with the nail.

How to Acquire

Found in the Resting Grounds. Requires Desolate Dive.

Use Desolate Dive on the grave just under the Stag Station then head right in the passageway. The charm is found next to the statue of a shaman.


This charm makes gathering SOUL much faster, but its four Notch cost is very prohibitive. In most situations, Soul Catcher is more efficient.

 Charm Interactions

Spell Twister

Spell Twister

Useful to use in combination with Spell Twister since it reduces the SOUL cost of spells.
Shaman StoneShaman Stone Useful when combined with Shaman Stone as it allows for dealing damage with spells more frequently.

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