Head of the Soul Sanctum. Hoarded soul hoping to stave off Hallownest's affliction, but eventually became intoxicated by its power.

The bugs of Hallownest tried all kinds of tricks and rituals and prayers to rid themselves of the infection. But to no avail! Perhaps the infection came from somewhere deep inside of them that they could not escape.

For the Dream Boss variant, see Soul Tyrant.

Once wise bug, driven mad by misuse of SOUL.

The Soul Master behaves similarly to a Soul Twister in battle, floating in the air, erratically teleporting around the battlefield and conjuring soul orbs.


Phase 1

Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Soul Master

Hollow Knight Boss Discussion - Soul Master

Soul Master Boss Guide Video

After taking a certain amount of damage, he will temporarily "deflate." Attacking him or waiting long enough will cause him to resume attacking.

His Soul Shot can be dodged by jumping or dashing either left or right if the Soul Master is far, but it wont hit the Knight if they stand directly next to him.

When he summons the four orbs that orbit around him, approach him when he is about halfway across the arena, jump over the bottom orb when it's closest to the ground.

The easiest way to damage him is to keep attacking him from below when he is conjuring the homing orbs.

He leaves many open opportunities to heal, notably when he "deflates" after taking enough damage, and when he uses the Dash or Clock Attacks, where the player can simply move to the other side of the arena to heal.

  • Dash: Soul Master will dash across the arena from left to right or right to left, dealing contact damage.
  • Orb: Soul Master will fire an orb of concentrated infection at The Knight. This orb will attempt to home in until it strikes the wall or floor (...or The Knight). Because Soul Master can conjure an orb from anywhere on the arena (including the far left or right), this attack and the Dash Attack can look similar.
  • Clock: Soul Master will float from right to left or left to right as four orbs rotate around Soul Master. These four orbs are evenly spaced around Soul Master. The four orbs will rotate clockwise if Soul Master is going from right to left. The orbs will rotate counter-clockwise if Soul Master is going from left to right. After Soul Master crosses the arena, Soul Master will disappear and the orbs will boomerang back across the arena, continuing to rotate as if Soul Master was present.
  • Slam: Soul Master will slam into the ground, creating damaging shockwaves on either side of the impact point that travel across the entire arena. Soul Master targets The Knight when they appear in the air but only slam straight down. This is Soul Master's version of Desolate Dive.
  • Fake Out Slam: Soul Master will begin a Slam Attack and when they reach the midpoint of the drop, they will reset and perform a new Slam Attack above The Knight's new position. The only way to know this new Slam Attack is coming is when Soul Master resets during the first Slam Attack.

Phase 2

After taking enough damage, the Soul Master will seem to have died, leaving behind his signature spell. However, before the Knight can absorb the spell, he reappears, breaks the ground and the battle enters its second phase.


In this phase, the Soul Master only has two attacks, which it will alternate using:

  • Altered Slams: Soul Master will home in on The Knight ever so slightly. Instead of sending out shockwaves in either direction, there is a large explosion at the site of impact with a surprisingly large area of effect. Soul Master will chain together several of these attacks.
  • Altered Orb: Instead of firing an Orb from their head, Soul Master will hover in one place for about ten seconds and conjure orbs from random locations throughout the arena. These orbs still home in on The Knight and Soul Master conjures a new orb every second.

This phase is overall significantly easier than the first phase due to the predictable nature of the Soul Master's attacks, the lack of shockwaves on his Slams, and his openness to attacks during his projectile attack. Keep dashing and jumping in either direction when he does the Slams. Once he starts conjuring orbs, he is open for 2-3 or more hits each time, but make sure to keep moving to dodge the homing projectiles.

Learn to avoid the projectiles and attacks, as this phase will give the player much less time to stop and heal.


Dream Nail Dialogue
  • The King falls, but I live forever!
  • My dreams are eternal and so am I!
  • I can hear it...The whispering of their souls...




  • It's possible that The Radiance was the cause of the prophetic dreams the Soul Master was getting inspiration from.
  • Soul Master is the only boss to give the Knight a Spell after being defeated. That spell being Desolate Dive.
  • In the game files, he is referred to as "mage lord".
  • The Soul Master fight has some similarities with the Radiance fight such as a homing projectile attack, starting the fight off in the background to teleport into the arena and the ability to teleport as a whole.