Learned bug, wielding a refined pinblade. Enhances its combat prowess with harvested soul.

Where these strange warriors go, whispers follow them. Not only are they skilled with a nail, they can also use some strange power to shift suddenly from place to place. Stay on guard.


Behaviour and Tactics

A powerful mini-boss that is skilled in magic as well as physical combat. Two of them are fought in the Soul Sanctum, one of them guarding the Shade Soul upgrade and two more are fought during the Trial of the Fool in the Colosseum of Fools.


Soul Warriors have three attacks:

  • Dash-Slash: Raises its pinblade and rushes forward with a slash attack.
  • Teleport: Appears above The Knight and drops down. They usually initiate the battle with this attack.
  • Conjure Orb: Fires a homing SOUL orb, identical to the one used by Soul Twisters and the Soul Master.
  • Summon: during the encounter with Soul Warriors, they constantly summon Mistakes and Follies to aid them, making it nearly impossible to heal without Focus aid charms like Quick Focus or Shape of Unn.

The best occasion to hit it is right after its teleport drop attack, by sidestepping and riddling it with as many blows as possible before it recovers, or right after its Dash-Slash, either by jumping over it and down-striking at them or moving just out of the attack's limited range. Thankfully, because Soul Warriors stay on the ground, their homing orb is more predictable than the ones fired by Soul Twisters and the Soul Master.

Dream Nail Dialogue
  • This soul...Is it my own?
  • ...This power...What did it cost?
  • These skills...No training I recall...


Two non-respawning Soul warriors can be found in the Soul Sanctum, one in the center barring progress and one behind the elegant door guarding the Shade Soul. They are also found in the Trial of the Fool.