Hunter's Journal

Overgrown with vegetation, it attacks by firing sharp spines from its body.
The spines they fire seem to be mildly poisonous. Don't use them to clean between your fangs after eating!

Behaviour and Tactics

It launches spikes outwards when the approached. Since there is a delay between launching spikes, it is advised to move in to trigger the launch, move away to avoid the spikes, and then dash back in to deal damage.

When a they die, they launch one final set of spikes a few seconds after death. Its body also sprouts spikes after death and deals contact damage, however it can be destroyed.


Spiny Husk location

Location in Queen's Gardens


  • Destroying a Spiny Husk's corpse counts as a journal entry in the Hunter's Journal, halving the amount the player has to hunt to complete their entry.

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