Warrior fighting for glory in the Colosseum of Fools. Uses crescent-shaped blades to cut down foes.

You can hit this warrior's spinning weapons out of the air, straight back into them! Useful if they manage to corner you.


Behaviour and Tactics

The Sturdy Fool has two attacks:

  • Slash: Lunges and swipes at The Knight when in close range.
  • Weapon Toss: Tosses their weapon in an arc at the the Knight.

When they attack in melee range, simply jump over them and down-strike them for an easy hit. While the Hunter's Journal recommends hitting the thrown weapon back at it, the angle of return is inconsistent and does minimal damage.

Dream Nail Dialogue

In Colosseum of Fools:

  • You cannot harm me!
  • I am the strongest!
  • I'll crush it into the dirt!
  • Fear me, warrior!

In Warriors' Pit:

  • ...Why does it disturb me?...

Corpse in Kingdom's Edge:

  • ...Fools...


This enemy is only found in the Colosseum of Fools.


Bather 2
  • A non-aggressive Sturdy Fool can be found bathing in a hidden Hot Spring behind a wall in the Colosseum's Warriors' Pit.