The Hunter is a camouflaged creature located in Greenpath. He gifts The Knight the Hunter's Journal, a bestiary detailing all Enemies and Bosses in the game, and tasks the Knight with completing the Journal by killing or defeating a specified amount of each enemy.

When the Hunter's Journal is complete, talking to The Hunter awards the Hunter's Mark and the True Hunter achievement.

First encounter

Tiny squib... You approach fearless. Are you a hunter like me?
Do you feel the urge inside, to stalk, to kill, to understand?
Then take it! My journal. It will aid you. At first the text may seem difficult to discern, but a learned hunter will come to understand its words.
Venture the depths of this land and slay its beasts. Prove yourself worthy to bear the mark of Hunter.


Low completion Hunter's Journal
Little squib! You may have overcome a few creatures, but you are only just beginning.
Don't delay, descend into the belly of this world and hunt down the life you find!


Medium completion Hunter's Journal
Ahhh... I knew I'd seen it right. That hunter's quality. Hallownest's creatures fall in your path.
Don't stop now little squib, many more there are to find, and stalk, and kill.


High completion Hunter's Journal
Ah ha! Your journal grows fat and full. Only those last few, rare beasts remain left to stalk.
Search the kingdom's corners. Complete the journal. Earn your well deserved reward...


All Hunter's Journal encounters
So, you've encountered all of the beasts in this land. Impressive! But one task remains, little squib.
Keep hunting down creatures until you have deciphered all of my notes! Only then will I recognise you as my fellow Hunter and you shall receive your reward.


Complete Hunter's Journal
Your journal... let me see it!
Yes... Yes! The Hunter's journal is complete!
You have proven yourself a true hunter, a master of killing, and so with great pleasure I will give you the reward you deserve...


After obtaining the Hunter's Mark
You have my mark, and you shall be recognised as one of my rare caste. Fellow Hunter, I have nothing else to give you.


Return after obtaining the Hunter's Mark
Fellow Hunter. You return? You've already proven yourself to me. I'm only biding time a moment, before next my hunt begins.
A true Hunter has no home, no kingdom and I'm eager for new prey.
You bear the mark now, but that's only the beginning. That mark will become a part of you, will engrave itself deep within, and that yearning to hunt... It will never leave.


Dream Nailed
It is stronger even than me... does it know that? Will it return to hunt me...? I hope it tries.


Hunter's Mark

The mark of a true Hunter.

I have no offspring, nor subjects, nor worshippers. The sum of my being, my learning, my instincts...I leave it all to you. Good luck, Hunter.


  • Before getting the Hunter's Mark from the Hunter, the ground below collapses and it is revealed that the "cave" is actually a hood and the rest of his body is a large skeletal figure. He then roars and boss music briefly plays, making it seem like a boss battle. The music then stops abruptly and the Hunter puts his hand out with the Hunter's Mark in it.
  • The Hunter's notes for the Fungling reveals that the Hunter has brothers and sisters. It is unknown whether they're alive or not, or if the Hunter and his siblings each went on their separate paths.
  • The Hunter's face is very similar to that of Herrah the Beast, though what connection the two share, if any, is unknown.
  • The Hunter's limbs are skeletal and black, suggesting that The Hunter might be made of Void, as shown in the picture below, but this has never been confirmed in any way.
  • If the Grimmchild Charm is equipped, the Grimmchild will attempt to attack the Hunter when they roar, but stop after a moment. This does no damage to The Hunter.