The Last Stag is a large stag beetle that transports The Knight among various Stag Stations in Hallownest.

At every station, he will tell the Knight more about the surrounding areas, giving a lot of information about the past of the kingdom and its inhabitants.




First encounter

Greetings, little one! It's been an age since I last heard the ringing of a station bell. It echoed down the stagways and called me to you.

I've grown stiff and tired over these many years and I've forgotten much, but the sound of the bell will always call me back.

These stagways stretch the depths of Hallownest. If you want to travel them, hail me from the platform. I will take you where you need to go.

Talking again

Eager to travel the stagways? Just hop upon that platform, give me the signal and we'll soon be on our way. Ready to go, little one?

Talking in Dirtmouth

This place... we are near the surface, I believe? There is a town here. You should take the opportunity to rest.

This place was once full of travellers coming and going. It seems much quieter now.

Talking in Forgotten Crossroads

It was a long time ago, but I remember when these highways and crossroads pulsed with life. These are the paths I first carried passengers through when I was young.

Those travellers are long gone, yet I still remain. Now it seems it's just you and I and the furtive creatures scratching and squirming all around us.

Talking in Forgotten Crossroads, if Tiso is sitting on the Bench

I see another takes rest upon the bench. There's something unpleasant about that one, but a stag station's doors are open to all.

If he requests passage, I'll offer it gladly. My duty as a stag far outweighs any personal distaste.

Talking in Greenpath

My, this place much changed since I last saw it. The greenery grows so wild the station's like to be consumed by it.

Talking in Fungal Wastes, Queen's Station

Ahh, this gladdens me. The Queen's Station has opened once more. This place was a bustling hub of travel, well-placed for travellers visiting the outer edges of the land.

You're quite the explorer to find this place.

Talking in City of Tears, City Storerooms

I remember this station well. A common trip it was. Goods from all over the kingdom were transported here.

Not a lot was sent back the other way though.

Talking in City of Tears, King's Station

Little one, we stand in the King's Station! Named of course for the King of Hallownest, he who ordered the building of the stagways and stations.

The King never rode the stagways himself, but I've heard he was a glorious bug to behold, bright and radiant in visage, so much so it hurt to look at him.

Talking in Deepnest, Distant Village

Ahh, little one... Where are we? I have never been to this station. It has a strange air of danger to it. Let me take you somewhere safer, quickly.

Talking in Resting Grounds

The Resting Grounds... Passengers would come here to conduct rituals for those who had passed on...Not any more though.

Perhaps the dead conduct their own rituals now?

Talking in Queen's Gardens

Before you rang the bell, I'd almost forgotten this station existed. It was not often used by the common bugs, being a well-guarded retreat for our late Queen.

Even as overgrown as they've become, these gardens are still beautiful after all this time. I'm sure the Queen would be happy to know that.

Talking in Hidden Station, Palace Grounds

Ah! What station is this, hidden all the way at the bottom of the world?

Until I heard the bell calling, I didn't even know the Stagways travelled so deep. You've discovered something quite astounding, little one!

No matter how old I grow, the world still keeps surprises like this stowed away...

Talking after opening 3 Stag Stations

You've opened several stag stations now, haven't you? I'm thankful for the opportunity to once more travel through the kingdom.

As I visit more places I feel my memories returning to me, like the stagways of my mind are running once more.

Continue to open the stations and you'll have my deepest gratitude.

Talking after opening 6 Stag Stations

Ahh, many stag stations have been opened. Again I can travel the breadth of the kingdom. So many grand thoroughfares and old sideways I'd forgotten.

Somewhere amongst the lines lies the Stag Nest, the place where I was born and raised. I'd thought its location lost to my failing mind, but now I can almost remember the path.

If you keep opening stag stations and beckoning me through them, perhaps I'll again find that Nest. Ahh, I would like that very much!

Talking after opening all Stag Stations

Little one! I've found it! the Stag Nest, where I was born and raised.

I've yet to go there again. My duty binds me to travel only where I am called, but if you wished to see it yourself, I could take you there.

None may remain to welcome us, but the nest is still a sight to behold! Give me the word, and we will go there at once.

Talking in the Stag Nest

What do you think of my old home, little one?

It was full of life, once. Stags coming and going, swapping stories of the places they'd been and the passengers they'd met.

For a long time now, I've considered myself the only one remaining. The last stag.

But being in the Nest again... there's something in the air. A smell, or a warmth, or a presence perhaps?

Could it be, other stags have made their way out into the wider world?

Being back in my old home... I feel the weight of my long life bearing down on me. I carry it proudly, though. Wherever I travel, the memories of my family and my kind come with me.

Yes, I will hold onto that hope. My kin, still alive, still out there, journeying beyond these lands.

But for me, I could never abandon the stagways. Not as long as passengers still need them.

I can tell you still have important work to do, don't you little one? I will be your companion as long as my old body still serves. Let us enjoy the old stagways of this kingdom together a little longer.

Talking while holding the Tram Pass

That pass you hold! Is it not for that ghastly machine, the tram? I hope you're not thinking of riding on that grotesque contraption.

The thought a mere machine could attempt what we stags do! Foolish...Very foolish.

Talking while holding the Delicate Flower

That flower you'e carrying... It looks quite beautiful, but also very delicate. I fear if you travel with me it will be ruined.

If you need to keep it intact, I'd suggest using your own legs to carry it to its destination.

Dream Nailed

I tire so easily now, and my old legs seem to ache more and more. Still, I'm lucky to grow old at all... so many others haven't.



  • After visiting the Stag Nest, the Last Stag's name will be changed to "Old Stag" when talked to. This further confirms that there are more Stags in the world, as assumed by discovering the freshly hatched egg in the Stag Nest.
  • The Last Stag's design is seemingly based off the Rhinoceros Stag Beetle.