As Hallownest fell to ruin, its reclusive king abandoned his subjects and went into hiding. Whispers told that the most devout followers could still seek the king, though the journey was perilous beyond imagining.

The Pale King was the monarch of Hallownest, mate to the White Lady, and ruler of the White Palace. After the infection spread across the Kingdom, he and his palace disappeared.

In the Birthplace

No cost too great.

No mind to think.

No will to break.

No voice to cry suffering.

Born of God and Void.

You shall seal the blinding light that plagues their dreams.

You are the Vessel.

You are the Hollow Knight.

Final words

...Soul of Wyrm.

Soul of Root.

Heart of Void...

Dream nailed in the White Palace

...No cost too great...


  • As the Radiance continued to try and break free, the King grew more and more desperate and took darker and darker measures to contain her.
  • As mentioned by the Relic Seeker Lemm, the White Palace seemed to have vanished or disappeared, rather than being physically destroyed.
  • The horns atop the King's crown look similar to the mouth of the Wyrm in Kingdom's Edge.
  • Godmaster Icon The Godseeker in the Pantheon of Hallownest observes that despite the fact that the King was strong, he was completely erased. It is unclear whether or not this confirms his death.