Found scavenging in the Royal Waterways, behind a breakable wall in the upper-right corner of the area. Sells Rancid Eggs to The Knight for Geo‍80-100.

In Steel Soul Mode, Tuk is infected and cannot be bartered with for eggs, likely due to the fact that Rancid Eggs are used to generate Geo with Steel Soul Jinn. Tuk cannot be interacted with, only one Rancid Egg is found on its body.

Tuk will not offer a Rancid Egg if the Knight has 80 or more eggs in its inventory.




First encounter

Mmmnnnnnnngghhh... Don't take something that isn't yours. That's the law. Everything you see... it belongs to me. Don't be angry. I'll share my food with you... if you give me Geo.


Mmmnnnnnnngghhh... The water brings me everything I wish for... I just need to find it. It brought you here, too. Are you hungry? I'll share my food with you... if you give me Geo.

Talking again

I'll share my food with you... if you give me Geo.

While wearing Defender's Crest

Mmnnnnggghhh...? Your smell... Are you a friend, too? If you're a friend, I'll share my food with you. When you see him again, our friend... tell him thank you. For helping me.

Dream Nailed

Mmmnnnnnnngghhh... I'll find you again. The water will bring you to me. I just need to keep searching... and praying.

When we meet again... I want you to say... that you're sorry.

Dream Nailed in Steel Soul Mode

...Help me... Find...


Declining trade

Mngh? If you don't want it, I'll keep it.

Not enough Geo

Why don't you have enough Geo?! Mnnghh! I won't share my food if you can't give me Geo.


Mnngh... this Geo is mine now. Don't try to take it back. Here, take your food with you when you leave.

Having maximum amount of eggs

You have a lot of food, don't you? Mnngh... I can smell it on you. You're greedy... I won't share with you.



Tuk is found in a secret area in the Royal Waterways.



  • Tuk was designed by Emily Doolan, a Kickstarter backer.
  • In the official comic, Quirrel comes across a bug similar to Tuk, though with a different outfit. This bug refers to itself as "Boon." This could be the person Tuk is searching for.